Solving the Garbage Can Liner Dilemna

Green Tip -   Garbage Can Liners

Dilemna -  how to avoid using plastic bag liners, but not end up with a dirty, stinky pail?  If you are really diligent about bringing cloth bags for shopping -  not just at grocery stores but ALL stores - this eliminate the source of reusable plastic bags.   On the other hand, NOT lining the pail ends up with food waste stuck on the bottom/ side of the can and the need to wash out the pail each time.   A waste of water.

Solution -  Use the newsprint advertising which comes every week in the mail to line to garbage pails.  Hold it up to the walls, then push a piece into the middle to hold the wall pieces in place.  Make the bottom piece a few layers thick, to capture any drips.

Voila -  a new use for the paper, and no more plastic!

Garbage Can Liner


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