Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

NaBloPoMo - Day Fourteen: Something I believe in.


I don't get out that much during the week, but when the weekend rolls around I'm always bursting to get out.

The other day we were driving into town and a bus passed us and on the side was printed - Some people are gay. Get over it!  

Some people are gay. Get over it.
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I smiled and thought 'what a brilliant slogan'. I got out my phone and started googling what was the campaign behind this slogan. I found out that it is a charity called Stonewall that  focuses on working with organisations to bring equality to gay, lesbian and bisexual people at home, at school and at work.

I think this organisation is great but they one thing that really stuck with me and made me keep reading was that they worked with schools, this is what I'm focusing on and I'll give you the cliff notes version but if you want to know more see here.

Quite a few years ago (1988) in the UK there was a law passed called Section 28 and in short what it did was pretty much made it against the law to promote homosexuality. The effect that it had on schools was that any child that was or may have been LGB (Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual)  had no one to turn to or talk to. This was because the authorities and teachers would be seen as breaking the law if they said anything positive about being gay. *This is where I shake my head and tsk*.

Then 1989 rolled around and Stonewall was founded by none other than Gandalf himself, well Sir Ian McKellan but same diff. As one of the founders of this organisation I'm sure he was adamant that this new law 'SHALL NOT PASS' (Yeah I went there) unfortunately he was a little to late; this did not stop him. After years of campaigning it was in 2003 the law was changed.

Sir Ian McKellan
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So after all this time with no structure on how to approach the topic on homosexuality the school system was stumped on how to approach the subject or any students that were struggling. Stonewall to the rescue again, they came in to help them understand that they should be supporting LGB students and how to do it. I know that homophobic bullying is still very much present in schools today which is sad but knowing that these kids can now turn to someone to ask for help or guidance is a small comfort.

I am lucky to have never come up against any bullying because of who I am, but I cannot imagine bullying someone for something that cannot be changed like sexuality, race or disability.

I know this has been quite a brief post for the topic I have broached but I really just wanted to bring a little bit more recognition for this organisation.

So remember peeps, Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

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