Some Really Need To Know The Meaning of Hell !!!!

Rather, you believe that a "Hell" exist or not, and if, it is here on earth really does not matter, one iota. Some people's deeds, in my own opinion, is completely, damable and I am not judging these individual (s).  I truly think they believe, they are "graced" from their indiscretions, and that's what causes them to continue in there bad behavior !!

Well, heres just a little tid-bit of information for those that have no clue !!!

1) Sheol- Hebrew Meaning

2) Hades -Greek Meaning

3) Gehenna- Greek Meaning

Sheol, the Hebrew meaning is the "realm of the dead". A physical grave, that is concieve of a Dark, Cave Realm that are within the depths of the Earth. Inhabited with evil and the sould of the dead. A place of no-return, whereas, the rich (kings, or those who hold positions of leadership) as well as the poor,will "dwelt side by side in a cheerless existence.

Hades, the Greek meaning, is where," The Anointed One", mentioned four times in the Word and Three times figurately. Examples: Lazarus and the rich Man.  In the olden Jewish days He, sactioned the "viewed hades" as two comparments where souls were gathered, and these two compartments were comparably close, however, one would not be able to cross over to the other one. One for those that deeds were in right-standing and well you know the opposite !!! The Anoited One used this as an ethical element, whereas rewards are "meted" out according to ones deeds done on earth.

However, the Greek term, Gehenna is where Ahaz and Manasseh and their idolatrous ways practiced human sacrifices on their very own children. One of the righteous Kings filled the valley with dead man's Bones, in order for them to get it right !

Gehenna, was the Muncipal Dumping grounds or Land fill, as it may, for a Divine

Retribution !

Last, but not least, it is a place of rest for some, and unrest for others, a final destination and a final judgement for deeds done !!!  It will definitely, not be a place that will be a big party, unless you are on the right side !  I would really thing about,where does your allegiance lie !!!


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