Some Thoughts on a Speech in Cairo

If only...

If only this extension of the arm of peace rather than the arm of war can take hold.

I admire and respect our president, although I will emphasize I am not naive enough to think he does not have as many flaws as you or I. I am not a blind follower. But I have to have hope. By leaping on every perceived flaw, a far-reaching disservice is being done to our head of state and to the world perception of the United States.

Flaws, criticism, politics, rhetoric and ideology aside, I believe President Obama is doing what he can to make the slimmest of beginnings in restoring our national honor in the eyes of the world. He is attempting to chip a tiny crack in the wall of hatred and fear that has grown between the peoples of our world. This place we live on looks like a big blue marble from space. But it is small. And very fragile.

I want to believe there are more righteous people in our world than not. And that they will stand up to people who kill, maim and terrorize in the name of God. There is no religion on this earth that believes in such a hateful and cruel deity. There is no religion that sanctions terrorism, no matter what the cause, whether it is the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland or the ubiquitous ‘Islamic terrorist'. Those who kill indiscriminately are committing evil, pure and simple. Evil is not pleasing to any God. But there are individuals, and groups of individuals, who are pure evil and who hide behind an excuse of religion in order to kill.

"Mutual respect" was what Mr. Obama called for in his speech. From a man whose father was Muslim. Mutual respect is the only path to peace.

I believe in a merciful and loving God. I pray that He will empower the hopeful to stand strong against evil. And that He will inspire the hateful with temperance and restraint.



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