Somebody That I used to Know …

Not sure how many times have I stood in front of this mirror ... Funny is, I can’t see myself very well! All I am seeing is the crack in the heart of the mirror. Yes! There is a crack--No, there was a crack and it doesn't matter how many time I tried to fix it … I can see it clearly while others may not be able to. It looks just fine from outside.

“Let’s just be friends.”
“Friends… I see …That kiss didn’t mean anything to you?”
“That was friendship kiss!”
“I see … Friendship kiss … Yeah … sure. Of course”
“I ...never mind! I just read you wrong” –I murmured softly and walked away …

That was the last time I saw him. I packed my feeling and went away. Never looked back! The truth is it hurt and still hurts … At the same time, I was grateful. Thankful to him for ending my misery. We shouldn’t have met at the beginning anyway. It wasn’t meant to be. Those words just ended everything. Ended my confusion, ended my misery, and ended some dreams of mine.  Funny thing was …I didn’t cry nor did I argue further... 
1.5 years ago …. 


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