Something I've been meaning to tell you...

something I've been meaning to tell you

Vashti and Brett Seacat -image source; abc news

I tuned in to Nancy Grace and was immediately riveted by her coverage of the Seacat case.  He’s a cop charged with 1st degree murder of his wife Vashti Seacat.   Only months prior to her murder, Vashti had served her husband with divorce papers. This is a sharp reminder of the vulnerability of all women who are initiating a separation or divorce.  I gave my head a shake while watching this because I couldn’t believe I haven’t blogged about this issue; I’ve been negligent.  So, this is what I’ve been meaning to tell you… women who are initiating the separation or divorce are at a higher risk of violence against them…why? Because if the husband does not want a divorce, they can potentially react with aggression.  They are losing control and want to try to stop it from happening.  Maybe there is a bitter custody battle on the horizon?  Of course, this works both ways and sometimes if the man chooses to end a marriage the wife will react in a rage.  It is not exclusively women who are vulnerable, however stats show that it is more likely women who become the fatal victims.  What’s even more unnerving is the husbands who commit these crimes were not necessarily abusive during the marriage.  Just because the marriage was not one with obvious abuse, does not rule out the risk of violence.  Do not dismiss the subtle indicators either, these can escalate in seriousness.

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