Something New

I'm going back to work next month.  I'm hoping that my schedule will allow me to leave a bit earlier in the day than I used to, spend time with V, and then finish up my work for the day after she's gone to bed.  One serious issue with this plan was lugging my massive laptop back and forth every day.  So not appealing.  Imagine my excitement when I was notified yesterday that I could access firm materials on an iPad!  I ended up buying one today.  I think it will be a big help.  It will also probably get me blogging more often, since laptop access has been my biggest hindrance (I actually have a list of topics to discuss saved up!).


First on my list: something I forgot to include in my last post.  One of my favorite things about my sweater has been the new technique I've learned, jogless stripes.


Not bad, right?  Remember, I knit left-handed, so I can't promise results for righties.  For lefties, pick up a loop at the end of your last row of color 1, like you are going to make 1, but without knitting into the loop.  At the end of your first row of color 2, slip the last stitch, knit the loop, and then pass the slipped stitch over the loop.  I think it hides the jog beautifully!


It does not hide the fact that my careful machinations have done nothing and this sweater is a tornado of pooling colors.  I think I like it, though.  I hope so, since I'm about to do the sleeve shaping and I've put a ton of work into this!



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