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A month from today, BlogHer Food '12 will be winding down in Seattle. Can you believe it? We hardly can! There's just so much to do between now and then -- which includes registering for this amazing conference if you haven't yet done so! We're still working to bring you some interesting, bite-sized interviews from our amazing speakers every week, and this week I stepped outside of the food box and asked a thought-provoking question:

What's one surprising thing you learned via food blogging?

The answers are as unique as the bloggers, which is always a treat.

This week we decided to ask two of our speakers from the panel Food Bloggers as Storytellers, Telling Your Own Stories, and the Stories of Those at the Table on Day 2 from 10:45-12:00. I figured that storytellers might have some interesting perspectives on the surprising things you can learn from food blogging. Turns out I was right and these two ladies had phenomenally interesting answers.

Melissa Crane from Dash of East shared an important point through her surprising revelation.

When I started my food blog a little over two years ago, I could've never imagined where it would lead me. What started as a way for me to archive family recipes has turned into a new and more focused career path.

Through blogging I discovered my love and eye for food photography and working with food businesses. I use my food blog as a place to both practice photography & styling, and to market & promote my business. I now work with restaurants and other food businesses to create branding strategies, print and web marketing materials and commercial photography.

Blogging can open your eyes to passions that you didn't know you had, and lead to amazing opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

"Blogging can open your eyes to passions that you didn't know you had." I just wanted to say that again, since Melissa said it so well. You can follow her on twitter or Facebook. But prior to the conference, don't forget to check out her photography.

Beth at OMG Yummy shared something surprising, proving that sometimes our blogging, food or otherwise, can teach us things far beyond what we normally write about on a daily basis. Beth learned something surprising about... her own mother.

Some people are cooks, some are bakers, and a few lucky ones are both. But after I started blogging, to my surprise, I learned that baking skills can skip a generation, (maybe more if you’re dough-a-phobic like me).

My grandmother immigrated to the United States in 1917 -- a young bride and skilled baker without recipes or English writing skills. My mother’s fondest memories of her childhood in New York City always include her extended family and friends around a table filled with my grandmother’s baked masterpieces. Yet not one of my bubbe’s six children followed in her baking footsteps.

At the October 2010, BlogHerFood conference, I discovered why. During the session on cultural food ambassadors, I asked why my mom’s generation would not have carried on this baking legacy. Donna Pierce of BlackAmericaCooks answered my question convincingly, explaining that my mom was a housewife in the 50s, when packaged convenience foods became popular, casting a pall on the art of home baking. I’d never considered this societal perspective, always assuming the reason was more family-centric, than historically, socially significant. It was an aha moment for me, leaving me to ponder: What if my grandma had written a food blog…

I have to be honest: I love that she had her aha moment at BlogHer Food! You can follow Beth on twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to get to know her more before the conference.

Don't forget that you can still register for this conference and hear these speakers yourself. Maybe you'll learn something surprising about yourself via the BlogHer Food '12 conference!

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Next week I'll be asking another few speakers another great question, but while you wait, why don't you tell us something surprising you've learned via food blogging? We'd love to know!


Family & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is an editor, writer and photographer.


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