Something to "Wine" About...Flip-Floppy studies: A guide on how to decide what you should do with the information.

I have a lot to "wine" about and I will take cheese with that too as I do! In case you haven't been told, a new study was released by Harvard indicating that wine, the once thought to be the miracle drink for all things, while taking years off your face, is now going to increase your risks of having breast cancer. So while I'm anti-aging my face, helping my heart, I'm now potentially exterminating my breasts. What is up with all this flip flopping?! It's making me simply crazy! It's hard to keep up with all the new studies out there that seem to take all of our favorite food and beverages and create 100's of studies that all say conflicting things. I guess in all seriousness if we listened to everything that they said to not eat, we would essentially be consuming nothing but drinking water...but not knowing if it's more beneficial to drink bottled water or tap water...because well, there are studies on that saying neither are great! So what do you do? How do you keep up with all the changing studies? What do you listen to, how do you make a choice when it comes to the food you choose to eat yourself or feed your family? I don't know personally how you all do it, but these are some rules of thumb I go by to try to sift through the maddness:

1. How many sources are confirming the study? When I looked up the wine study, this really isn't all that new of an idea. In fact, as early as 2009, sites like MayoClinic and the breast cancer foundation were discussing the adverse effect wine drinking can have on cancer. So, there is in my opinion, reason to believe that the finding here are really nothing new just more of a confirmation and warning. So, the study in my mind is relevant. And should be valued.

2. How will consuming this beverage or food impact me and my health? You like everything have to take into account several things personally at this point: What are your health conditions? Do you have heart disease? Breast cancer? Do you have a history of them? In my case, I don't have either, so I will drink wine only in moderation. I'm not going to toss my bottle of Shiraz in the trash, I will have a glass or two a week, and forget about it. You have to ask yourself what your risks are in continuing consuming this product? If I were in the risk category, I simply choose to only drink it maybe once a month, at special events, or not at all.

3. What would I be taking out of my dietary needs by excluding this beverage or food? Really, wine is not a major food group. I'm not taking out all of my zinc, magnesium, iron, etc. from my daily diet to wither away and have more medical conditions because I'm not drinking it. In fact, I might actually loose that five pounds I claim I can't loose, but know secretly it's because I have a glass of wine every night for dinner. So, maybe it's not such a bad thing. (wink) But, if this was a product that would significantly impact my nutrition by not consuming, I would weight the impact of not eating it versus eating it, research alternative foods, vitamins, and minerals to supplement it, and make my decision based off of what I found.

4. How will this change my life: cooking habits, lifestyle, budget, recipes, etc. I also have to assess what the overall impact is going to be on my life. Will this prevent me from baking, cooking, etc. Will I have to spend more money to supplement meals with vitamins and other products that will make up for this loss? How can I alter recipes passed down from my family over the generations (that really matters to an itailian..and is up for serious considerations) I don't need wine to cook. And I can't imagine a couple tbs's worth is going to significantly increase my risks of breast I'm not worried about it. Buying less wine will actually save me money, and it's not that big of a deal.


Ultimately, these tips have really helped me figure out how to balance the flip-flop studies and make decisions that were based on good reasoning why or why I don't partake of that particular food or beverage. It is so irritating. I literally "wined" all about it to my husband over dinner, whom agreed that the conflicting studies make it annoying. And that's when I had some cheese with my wine, and got over it!






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