Sometimes men are just clueless

NOT Doug and I

NOT Doug and I

Monday I came down with a bug. I thought I was just really tired after working so hard on Saturday. However after Doug got home Monday night I checked with a thermometer just to be sure- 101.5.  Evelyn says that my body had just had enough and said “You’re going to take the day off”.  I wish it had just left me a Post-it note instead. I could’ve done without the headache I had.

I still felt lightheaded and none too good Tuesday morning.  As I was laying on the couch I noticed I didn’t smell too good either; I seemed to smell like baby spit-up.  My mom always told me that having a fever made you smell bad. Boy was she right. After I removed my spit-up smell,  Evelyn, disguised as Florence Nightengale, picked me up, made me a home cooked lunch and then took me across town to get shrunk. Now that’s a true friend!

I told Andy that I must be committed to my therapy because although I still had a low-grade fever I went. He asked how things were with me; were Doug and I getting along better? I guess we are since even with no bed in sight, we’d been spontaneous.  (Does that make me sound old or what?)  Just please take my word for it- the floor just isn’t nearly as good a place for spontaneity in your late 50’s as it is in your 30’s, which to the best of my recollection was the last time we’d used that locale.

Doug was oblivious to any inconvenience or discomfort from the floor. He was just thrilled to be leaving his monastic lifestyle behind.

Doug had a 14.5 hour workday yesterday. He’s thriving at his new job. So in recognition of all his hard work I’ve decided to surprise him with a special treat this weekend. I’ve made a reservation at a local hotel for a room with an oversized Jacuzzi tub. Sadly this won’t be a heart-shaped tub of Poconos fame, but somehow I imagine we’ll muddle through anyway. Our last house had a larger tub; but it wasn’t truly big enough for two or jetted. Besides, when I sit in a Jacuzzi tub with the bubbles bubbling away, and candles flickering, the girls look all perky amidst the bubbles. It’s fleeting I know, but I take what I can get these days.

So now I’m secretly planning our little getaway. I know it’s sounds like a cliche but I’m buying  some candles and looking for some good body butter. We used to use massage oil, but it tends to just go everywhere. Decades ago we discovered a great product at the Greenpeace store while were in San Fransisco. Sadly, that  product is no longer available so I’m on the quest for a replacement. Some products are great while you’re doing the massage; but when you’re done you’re left feeling so greasy you feel like you’re the pig in the pig scramble at the rodeo. The perfect product smells great, feels great while you’re using it, then disappears.

Does anyone have a great product they can recommend?