Sometimes, We Eat Humble Pie

I have been working on a project called "That's What She Said!" It is all about empowering women and encouraging our daughters. 
Sometimes, I forget what that looks like.
Last week, I found my daughter in the front yard with her friends...and MY CAMERA! My camera is mine, mine, mine! No one is to touch it, ever! I am like a toddler clutching a favorite toy with grubby hands. Mine, mine, mine!
I wish that I could say that I beamed with pride that my girl was showing interest in photography. I wish I had taken a moment to see the beautiful moment between her and her pals. 
Instead, I did the crazy mom walk and barked at her to never, ever touch my camera. I may or may not have talked about myself in the third person. "Mommy has told you many times that my camera is not a toy!" Gag.
The next day, I loaded my oh, so important photos. 
There they were. On my computer screen, I saw the most beautiful images. Shots that my girl had taken. I got a glimpse of the world through her eyes. My girl always notices the details of life. There on my screen were closeups of the flowers that she planted. There were closeups of her friends. 
Screeching brakes. Humble pie served.
Part of my brain was justifying my poor behavior. "She broke the rules and needed to be corrected." 
In my heart of hearts, I knew I had missed an opportunity. I knew that I could have handled the moment so differently.
Here is the new rule: do not use my camera without my permission.
My girl heard my apology, agreed to the new rule and asked for camera tips. Who knew talking "ISO" and "Portrait Setting" could be a bonding experience? 
She asked, "How can I get focus when I am so close?"
That is the question I should have been asking all along. 
Photos by K.G. Rossow





Kerry Rossow



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