Sometimes You Just Have To Take Time and Show A Little Love


I just have to start this post by saying  that I go to THE most wonderful church! EVER! IN THE WORLD! AMEN!


Now I feel better that everyone is aware of that!

Seriously. The vision and outreach of my church is awesome. The staff are amazing people. And the DREAM TEAM...(members who volunteer to do everything from Greeting people at the doors, to parking  attendants or being on the Praise and Worship team) are phenomenal! And the Lead Pastor.....well....he actually LEADS!!!!

I said all of that to say this....A few weekends ago Pastor J was doing his usually wonderful job of bringing us the word. The part of the message that stood out to me, was that so many times we just spend too much time worrying about and doing things that don't really matter. And that interferes with us doing the things that we SHOULD be doing....that DO matter! It just hit home for me. I have a lot going on and had been overwhelmed with certain tasks that needed to be done. Tasks that needed to be done in a timely manner. Tasks that, to me, felt URGENT. Well Pastor J's word that morning came at the perfect time for me!

I have a BFF that is an amazing person! She is an awesome Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and Friend. We have been friends for over 45 years! We have lived right next door to each other and we have lived thousands of miles apart. At present time we live about 500 miles apart. It doesn't matter how long it is in between visits we can always pick up right where we left off!   We have always been able to "sense" when something was going on in the other ones world. I can be having a bad day....and the phone will ring and it will be BFF saying...."everything okay? I just felt like something was up." And the same thing with me.....sometimes I just get a "feelling" and just have to call and usually something is going on or she's is just having a bad day. We have a really good connection.

Pastor J's word about "Not worrying and busying ourselves with things that don't matter.....just take some time and show some love" hit home for me. I mean it hit home like a freight train! I was sitting talking with Hubby the next night and said "you know what...there are so many things I need to get done this weekend, but the most important thing I need to to is go see BFF and show her some love". Period. The end.

So we set it in motion. I contacted BFF's daughter to see if they had any plans for the weekend and was informed that they didn't. Hubby and I started making plans and in just a few days we had both taken a day off work, booked a hotel to spend the night on the trip up, and made all the necessary arrangements for our little puppy to be taken care of while we were gone.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely DO NOT like to drive on the interstate in the rain. Loathe it. Mostly because the OTHER PEOPLE on the road don't usually change their driving habits for wet road conditions! Anyway....we were determined we were going to drive the 500  miles to see BFF and the weather was determined that it was going to rain all the way there!!! And for the most did! Oh well....I'll take one for the BFF! Usually when we are on the Interstate in rainy conditions I am pretty much a nervous wreck....but I felt unbelievable calm. I can't even begin to explain the peace I had while driving all those miles in the rain. It was definitely a peace that only God can give. We were on a mission....and God was leading the way!

We left after work on Friday and drove half way. We spent the night and got up the next morning and made it to BFF's house about lunch time. She was so surprised! She couldn't believe it when we walked up on her porch!  Yep...we drove 500 miles to spend a day and a half with them! But it was oh so worth it!!!! After she stopped crying about the fact that we had done that, and asked us how long we could stay,  I explained that my heart was just telling me that I needed to be with her and spend some time with her. She had been having a rough time. And I just wanted to show her some love!!! So I explained that we weren't there for her to be "hostess". Just wanted to spend some time. I LOVE that woman!!!

So the next thing we did is always Hubbys favorite thing to do there. Go to the butcher shop and buy some meat!!! Honestly! We went to the butcher shop and bought some of the  nicest Porter House steaks you have ever seen. Oh. And a Brisket. Probably the biggest Brisket I have ever seen. We just sat around on the deck and visited that night. Grilled some awesome steaks and had a wonderful meal together. BFF's daughter and Brother also were there to visit with us. The next morning I ran to the store and got stuff to make a breakfast pizza for breakfast so she wouldn't have to cook for us.  We were also trying to decide what kind of dessert we could make to go with dinner. The night before we had discussed a Banana Foster Napoleon. Now...I have never made a Napoleon, but she has made them before and we were trying to come up with something that neither of us had made so it could be a new experience in cooking for us to share. We scoured the internet for ideas and finally decided what we could do. We would just have to run to the store and get some puff pastry.

Ya'll. God's timing is always right on time! Before we could go to the of BFF's friends called and said she had something for her and she was going to bring it right over. Well. She showed up with the most beautiful BANANA Pudding Poke Cake! God is AWESOME! We were set on making a BANANA dessert and one just SHOWS UP! Perfect timing!

 BFF's hubby has been wanting to learn how to "smoke meat" and my Hubby just happens to be really good at it. So they set to the task of smoking that big ole Brisket way before breakfast. And they watched and basted and handled with care all day long on that Brisket. While they were doing that,  BFF and I went to an open house near them and looked around at one of the most charming houses. I really enjoyed spending that time with her. Talking about all the possibilities for that cute little house. Looking around at the cute little back yard and all of it's possibilities. Ya'll....when we got back to her house.....those guys had done such an awesome job on that Brisket.....this is what we saw!!!

Nothing like a big hunk of smoked meat!!!! Seriously!!!

This was seriously THE BEST BRISKET I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!
We enjoyed an amazing dinner together and had some tv time. It sure was nice just getting to hang out with our best friends and just enjoy each others company. 
We get so caught up in doing the things we THINK are important that we forget the things that are REALLY important. For us....spending time with our friends and sharing some amazing food and laughter.....that's how we showed some LOVE recently.
How about you? Have you shown some LOVE lately?

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