A son’s advice: Don’t eat the soap!

Isaah and mommyMy four year old son thinks it is the height of lux­ury to be able to sit in the mid­dle of his grand­moth­ers huge bed and watch his favorite Tivo'd pro­gram. He's a good boy and for the most part keeps his hands to him­self and rarely both­ers any­thing that isn't his. So like most times I didn't see a prob­lem when he asked if he could go and watch an episode of Ani­malia in his fortress of soli­tude.

Now as most par­ents know, it's essen­tial to go and check the chil­dren when it's "too quiet". Even when my son is cap­ti­vated by cur­rent pro­gram­ming, I will typ­i­cally hear the sound of his voice either talk­ing to the TV or laugh­ing with it. Just at the moment when my mother's intu­ition kicked in I heard a very con­cerned voice from my mother's room, "Mooooooom­mmm???" Read More...


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