Songwriting for New Parents and Other Lunatics

Giraffes are good for nomOur daughter is five months old today, and has - among other things - a small plush giraffe with a rattle inside that she loves. The head is perfectly sized for her to shove into her mouth and gum vigorously. She does this a lot. It's hilarious. We like to joke that she skipped the bland rice cereal and strained peas phase and went straight to big game. Clearly, she is very advanced in the nom department.

Last week, we took The Bean and her giraffe (and about 309080e809r other toys and baby-related items) to Lewes, Delaware, to visit one group of grandparents. She is extra blessed in the grandparent department, having several sets of doting biological, step and honorary grands. It's pretty great. No one can have too many people to love and spoil their kid, right? And some of these folks are sure to pan out as babysitters (I'm looking gratefully in your direction, Marita).

She was kind of kvetchy while we were traveling last week, which isn't at all a surprise. We took her out of her element, strapped her into the car for hours at a time and dragged her all over the mid-Atlantic. It's our own fault, really. She's got a great temperament, but does have limits which we aggressively overstepped.

Late one night (10:30 pm in new parent parlance) I woke up to find Spouse doing laps around the room carrying a delighted baby and singing this little ditty:

I am a giraffe. I am good for nom.
I am a giraffe. I am good for nom.
Good for nom.
Good for nom.
I am a giraffe.

It sticks with you, no?

I have a sinking feeling that this is only the first in what is sure to be a long series of redonk ditties we will be composing and enthusiastically repeating ad nauseum for the next several years. Some will probably be poop-related, if my suspicions about parenting are correct.

Of course, if I were really being honest here, I'd admit that there was an earlier foray:

My name's Veronica.
I play harmonica.
My plague's bubonic-a
This is my song-ica

Is it just us, or have you also made up little songs to amuse your kids? Any you'll admit to here? Any good ones? I need ideas.

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