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Confession: I feel prettier when I wear makeup. I know, it's like wearing my insecurities right on my sleeve, but I do. I feel more feminine and more finished when my face is "on", as my grandma used to say. I don't even feel like I wear that much makeup on the regular, but I do use it to define my features, and enhance the goods to hopefully distract from the bads.

Finding the right makeup that works well with my skin texture and tone, now that I'm in the later half of my 30s, is a challenge. I spent much of my teens and 20s trying product after product, and once I hit my 30's I sort of just stuck with the ones that worked. I was tired of having cupboards full of products that didn't work; they reminded me how much money I wasted on them. But that's not always the best strategy. Sometimes you get stuck in something you think works (aka: '80s mall bangs), and 10 years later it has become your signature style -- and then you realize, it's not "in style" at all. But sometimes it just happens, I guess... time passes so quickly now.

Sonia Kashuk® Satin Luxe Lip Color in Classic Red mixed with Plum Wine

Foundation is and always has been, my biggest challenge. Matching the color is a task in and of itself, but as you age, the texture of your skin changes as well, so finding a foundation that doesn't make my skin look older than it is is essential. I've been using the mineral powders for some time now, but I wonder if they are doing me less favors than I think.

When BlogHer offered me this opportunity to try out and review the Sonia Kashuk Fall line from Target, I was happy to oblige! I knew I wanted to dive right in and was excited to receive so many new products to play with! I really got a good feel for the entire line of products from foundation to nail color, and I honestly can't say one negative thing about the collection.


Sonia Kashuk Makeup, luminous foundation and illuminator

Starting with the base of all makeup application (right after your moisturizer and primer if you use it), your foundation. I chose Sonia Kashuk® Perfecting Luminous Foundation in Vanilla ($9.99) and also grabbed the Sonia Kashuk® Perfecting Translucent Illuminator ($14.99) to add radiance to my skin.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup, foundation

The vanilla foundation matched my skin tone almost perfectly actually, but was a touch too dark. Rather than applying the illuminator before or after, I mixed it in with my foundation to brighten it up instantly. The two combined suddenly became the perfect match.

The combo blended into my skin really well for a lightweight, all-over coverage, and even hid my splotchy darker spots on my forehead. I didn't use a powder over it at the time, but definitely could have added a swipe or two of something translucent to set it.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup

I LOVE the illuminator... look at my cheeks in this photo! It really works.

Brushes & Bronzer...

Sonia Kashuk Makeup, brushes

Sonia is known for her amazing brushes, and of course, the limited-edition line seen here don't disappoint. The sleek and curvy handles are easy to hold and the synthetic bristles are really soft to the touch. They feel nice against my skin. Shown here from left to right: 1. Large Powder Brush ($19.19) 2. Dense Blush/Powder Brush ($17.99) 3. Small Eye Shadow Brush ($9.59). I do prefer a rounder-tipped brush for my all-over eyeshadow application. I liked this one for finer lines, and to aid in a smokey eyeliner look.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup, bronzer

The new Bare Minimum Pressed Powder Bronzer ($9.99) is better than the last bronzer, actually, because of the dual colors. It's light too, so you can layer on your bronze glow slowly without overdoing it. It comes with its own little brush, but I prefer to use the Limited Edition Large Powder Brush ($19.19).


Sonia Kashuk Makeup, instructional eye palette, eye shadows

I LOVE these Instructional Eye Shadow Palettes. They are so smart! They come with 12 different eye shadow colors, which are all really velvety and blendable. AND, on the side, each palette comes with pull-out step-by-step instruction guide and photos, for three different eye looks.

I actually loved these so much, I bought the Neutral Instructional Eye Palette ($19.99, which I wasn't asked to review), and the Eye on Dazzling Color Instructional Eye Shadow Palette ($19.99). I love the neutral colors for day wear... but also as a base for the shimmery jewel-tone shades in the Eye on Dazzling palette.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup, instructional eye shadows


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