Sonia Kashuk at Target Blogger Reviews & Sweepstakes

Bloggers try out fresh looks and find luxury for every body!

BlogHer is excited about partnering with Target and the amazing Sonia Kashuk on this program! Sonia Kashuk started her career as a makeup artist in the early 80s, collaborating with many of the top beauty publications, fashion houses, and celebrities of the decade. From there she became Creative Director of cosmetics for Aveda, where she fine-tuned her understanding of what real women want from their makeup. Armed with this knowledge, she partnered with Target to create one of the first prestige makeup brands available to the masses.

Sonia stands behind every product in her line. Each one is made with nourishing, enriching formulas, comparable in quality to MAC, Burberry, Tom Ford and Chanel. Her partnership with Target eliminates expensive markups, making Sonia’s high-end products accessible for a fraction of the price, this line is truly luxury for every body!

Recently, Sonia Kashuk and Target partnered with BlogHer and asked some of our bloggers to put their products to the test. Each blogger received Sonia Kashuk's Illuminating Bronzer, Satin Luxe Lip Color lipstick, Eye Quads eye shadow and Nail Colour to try out. How did they do? Check out the reviews below and be sure to enter for your chance to win a Target GiftCard!

The BlogHer Beauty Designer Reviews Program Sweepstakes run from 6/4/12 through 6/30/12 and are only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules.  Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

I love the Pink Punch as a bright "punch" of color!

Another great thing about these lipsticks is that the color at the end of the packaging matches the color in the tube. There is nothing worse than purchasing lipstick thinking it's one color from the tube and then opening it only to discover that it's completely different. You won't run into that issue with these lipsticks. I love the Pink Punch as a bright "punch" of color. It's absolutely perfect for summer, and very feminine without being another boring version of traditional pink. It's a vibrant enough pink that makes it on-trend without being too neon. ...more

It gets better as you go.

The best thing about Sonia’s new Satin Luxe Lip Color line is the way they wear. When first applied, they are smooth with a silky glide. They feel light but moisturizing. Within an hour they change and behave more like a stain, but with a satin finish. The colors are incredibly pigmented. For those of us who love applying and reapplying lip colors, good news: it gets better as you go. Because they set and absorb into lips, they provide an amazing base for reapplication. After three hours of wear, apply again for the look of a liner, lip color, and subtle gloss, all from one product....more

It looks like I just got back from a brisk walk in the sunshine!

The first day I used it, no joke, Ryan told me I looked really good. (He didn't even know I was testing the bronzer for this post!)  It gives just a touch of color without looking like I'm trying to look tan, more like I just got back from a brisk walk in the sunshine! ...more

You can go from day to night with these easily!

I think the product that I have enjoyed the most are the Eye Quads. These are something that I can wear on an everyday basis. They all have a shimmery shadow in them and more of a matte shadow as well. The colors in each quad compliment each other very well and give you the option of building them on top of each other. You can go from day to night with these easily! I...more

Sonia Kashuk is bringing metallic-earth realness to her collection.

I always walk by the Sonia Kashuk makeup section because she has fashion-forward beauty products. She doesn't do those corny collections that I tend to see with various budget beauty brands. Come on, did you see the Escape to Paradise face palette? It was SO good! And I reach for her eye shadow, powder and slanted liner brushes more than I realized....more

Just the right barely sunkissed look for my super-pale skin.

I've been using the bronzer to get a very lightly sunkissed look, like what would happen if I spent a few hours outside gardening on the weekend or something. How I apply bronzer: 1. Start at the temple and apply down to just under your cheekbone in one arc. 2. Apply another arc from under your cheekbone to under your jawline. You’ve made an “E.” 3. Repeat on the other side. 4. Now hit areas the sun hits you the most: the middle of your forehead, down your nose and the chin. I apply to this central area just a little bit lighter than to the E area....more

Look. At. That. Gold.

Saved my favorite for last, Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Golden Ticket.  Look. At. That. Gold.  I’m a little bummed that the sun wasn’t out in full-force the day I wore this polish, but maybe that’s a good thing: full Southern sunlight might have blown up my camera lens.  These were shot on a sunny but slightly overcast day, and the color still shone like mad.   And I guess maybe what I like about it most is that it’s not really brassy or yellow; it’s a sort of cool-colored gold shimmer that looked fabulous from any angle. ...more

A rare feat in the world of nail polishes!

Since summer is almost here (it's definitely in full swing in Los Angeles) I figured now would be the best time to integrate fun colors on my tips and toes, and Sonia's fashion-forward polishes are just that. For my first time trying the polishes I used the vibrant, coral-orange Tango Mango on my ring fingers and the retro seafoam green Fairy Princess on all of the rest. Like any great nail polish, it was super easy to apply (even for a clumsy nail painter like myself) and the dry time was all of maybe ten minutes....more

I love each and every one of these products.

During the day I’m always out running around the city for meetings and errands, and sometimes those days lead right into a dinner, happy hour, or nighttime event. Ideally I’d like to be able to stop at home and re-do my makeup, but unfortunately I don’t always get the chance to do that. It’s on those jam-packed days that I need to be able to go right into my purse and pull out a few key makeup items to freshen up my look and get ready for the night ahead.That’s why I was so excited when Target sent me three free Eye Quads from their Sonia Kashuk cosmetics line....more

It looks like a natural summer glow.

The first time I applied the Illuminating Bronzer I immediately loved how easily it blended. It looks like a natural summer glow that goes on like airbrushed perfection. The color is multi-reflective, so it looks natural, like I've just been in the sun for a few hours. Another thing I immediately loved was that it didn't feel dry on my skin like most powder bronzers. It hydrated my face and lasted until it was time to take my make-up off that evening. Because the formula is ultra-soft, it further protected my skin against the dryness I battle daily....more