Sophie's Choice -- It's Not Fiction in Africa

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[Editor's Note: Perhaps you've heard about the devastating famine in the Horn of Africa. But do you know how dire it really is? That it's not unheard of for a mother to leave one child dying on the side of the road, in an attempt to get herself and her other children to a refugee camp?

Katie Loud puts First World Parenting Dilemmas in perspective on Zelda Lily. --Grace]

...This woman faces certain death via starvation and dehydration at her home, so she leaves, walks for two weeks carrying a baby and cajoling a four-year-old along, and then the little boy just can’t go any further. It was leave her son to die or sentence her other child, not to mention herself, to the same fate.

Yes, as parents in America have to decide whether it’ll be piano lessons or lacrosse (or how to balance both), while we fret over buying organic or going for the Cheetos, as we are appalled by Toddlers in Tiaras and focused on paying the mortgage and whether or not the annual trip to Disney World is a go, women like Wardo Mohamud Yusuf are facing something totally different.

Image Credit: Action Press / Zumapress

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