Sophisticated Bug Repellant!

It'll be summer before we know it, and in Texas, that means MOSQUITO BITES. 

Time to get crafty and fancy bitches. To make these sophisticated mosquito repellant bottles, just follow these easy steps. 

Here's what you'll need:

Wine Bottles

Glitter and Mod Podge

1/2 inch metal washers (Super cheap from any hardware store)

Replacement Tiki Torch Wicks

Tiki Torch fluid (The green bottle is specifically to address mosquitos)


First soak your wine glasses in warm water with soap until the labels become easy to remove. I use this handy gadget below (which you too can buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 99¢ at the checkout) to really scrape off any difficult labels. Don't abuse your fingernails! The leftover label residue takes incredible magic powers to truly remove, so I found a much simpler alternative.....GLITTER!


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