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Wine-tasting excursions, snorkeling in the Caribbean and European getaways are a few of the travel choices we make every now and again. We scour the Internet, purchase travel books and create jam-packed itineraries in the hopes of being better prepared, more knowledgeable or perhaps more cultured for our journey. To help guide us locally, we drive cars equipped with sophisticated GPS. Turn-by-turn directions, voice recognition, even customized traffic alerts, all help provide us with alternate choices so we can navigate safely and accurately. We think that James Bond would approve of our gadgets. Yet, when it comes to our personal life journey, what do we use to help us navigate the never-ending twists, turns and layovers? Consider the myriad of possibilities each moment presents us. Should we turn left or right? Which path should we follow? We are the experts when it comes to our own journey, and while we may be tempted to compare it to the journey others are traveling, or even emulate their roadmap, only we can decide where to stop or which fork in the road to choose. Along our journey, the landscape is ever-changing, and the road occasionally under construction, so relying on our intuitive compass may be our best option as we travel this unpredictable journey. People come and go in our life, time flies, we face conflicts, we laugh, we cry and then we laugh again. The road can be bumpy, but the view is spectacular. Imagine slowing down a bit to take in the sights. What new scenery might you observe? As you make daily stops and meet new faces along the way, draw on your sophisticated and intuitive compass to help guide you, because although the road ahead may be slippery at times, tapping into your inner wisdom will keep you from losing your balance. It has been said that: “life is a journey not a destination,” and while sandy beaches to snow covered slopes are fabulous, we’ll leave the destinations to Condé Nast, as we at BUTTERFLY…embrace the journey.


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