Sorry, Goldilocks Isn't Home Right Now

I'm minding my own business, walking through the living room when out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse through the window of something black.  "Hmm..", I think, "There is a strange dog in the yard".  I back up a step and take a second, longer look.  THAT is not a dog. 



I stared in complete disbelief.  I took a deep breath and said loudly to the offspring "There is a bear in the front yard!!"  (OK, I may have yelled it) 
I grabbed the phone and sent a text to the Man of the House.  "There is a BEAR in the front yard!"  And then I sent a few more texts to anyone I could think of.  I was a little keyed up over this whole bear thing.
I grabbed the camera and starting taking pictures.  Through the window - I'm not that crazy!  I kept saying it: "There's a bear in our yard!"  "There... is a BEAR... in the front yard!!"
This was no small cub either.  This was a decent sized bear!  I'm pretty sure that if it were to stand up on it's back legs , it would be at least as tall as The Man of the House!
Apparently Mr Bear (Ms Bear?  I wasn't getting close enough to check... or ask) found the crab apples in our yard irresistible.  And he (she?) was welcome to as many of them as he (she?) wanted!  We watched him (her?) for a good 15 minutes, filing his (her?) belly. 
He (she?) would sit and eat a few apples, then get up and stroll around sniffing until he (she?) found a new spot with some yummy apple goodness, where he would sit back down for another course.
Eventually the bear got tired of apples.  He (she?) wandered around the side of the house, and sniffed at the raspberry canes.  I was OK with that, but once an interest was shown in the chicken house, it was time to make some noise and scare our bear friend off!   Sorry Bear!  Apples and berries are fair game, but my chickens are OFF LIMITS! 

 As the bear wandered away and disappeared into the wooded area next to our yard, I realized that he (she?) now that he or she knows there is food here.  I fully expect we will see him (or her) again.
(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality)


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