Soul Sister Diet Challenge Day 2


Day 2 is upon us and I am already off pace to drink enough water.. UGH! Loathe this shit.

M - So am I! I've only consumed about 15 oz. of water, yikesss.



Anyway so far so good otherwise. Planning to crossfit, and stay on track.

egg white omelette spin, chx, o & m

spinach salad w/ carrots red wine venegar mushrooms, onions, peppers

another omelette : (

2 coffees w/ creamer

I will edit later : ) Later here we are!

I did go to crossfit and I did not meet my water goal... win some lose some?


Hey girlieeeee! Here's what I've eaten so far:

Breakfast: Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, Medium coffee (4 cr/4 sug) from McDonalds. (Guarnateed to not be the healthiest breakfast but the cals are low)

Lunch: Spinach salad with sauteed veggies, albacore tuna, b.v. 


Dinner: Veggie Salad from Chipotle (Don't judge me!!!) I have awaken the beast and was craving it allllll day. I had lettuce, brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa, cheese, guacamole, sour cream (whoops) and their vinigrette dressing. SOooo, I'm getting my protein and good fats I need (sorta??) and had another 20 oz. of water. Didn't drink as much as I should have - maybe a total of 40 oz all day. 


No gym today. Andrew and I took Cocoa to the vet for a checkup and grabbed dinner after. He had an early flight out this morning so we stayed in and cuddled allll night :) I suck but this will count as my 1 day off. I will probably take Thursday off too because I'll have an ultra long day at work and won't get home till about 10. 

I plan on taking a bodypump class at the gym - hour long that focuses on weight training.  


How was the rest of your evening!?





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