Soul Sister Diet Challenge Day 3

Day 3 Here we are!!!

Wooop! Woooop! I feel like we've finally got some momentum on our side? Or maybe it is only day 3... Hah So far so good!

I had a veggie packet for breakfast with an asian dressing smothered all over it Fuck it! Later I had the same spinach salad I had the night before w/ carrots, mushrooms, & onions. Then I had a think thin bar waging in at 180 cals and a subway salad coming in at 110 cals. I am probably under cals, but I will enjoy a couple glasses of wine watching "About Time" supes cute 15 minites in! Love it!

I think the real optimism in this little post is following through with crossfitting 3 days in a row! YAY! I was really happy w/ todays workout  doing 8 sets of 10 unbroken pull ups, having not worked out in the past 2 weeks. Ah life is good! Tomorrow will be a challenge schedule wise going into the business center to wholesale FML... 

Mon Butt?! (Sorry for the late post! I love you and this!! <3)

Heyyyyy!! So, I suckkkk. Just let me know what bracelet you want - I'll be buying you one at the end of this ;)


Pretty disappointed in myself - let me cravings get the best of me. Not focused with water consuption, vitamins, or overall proactiveness today. Epic Fail. I'm almost embarrassed to write what I ate..that's how bad it is. My struggle comes a week before my period every month. It is a beast and I find myself absolutely needing (not really) things that are bad for me - comfort foods. And what's bad is, I sometimes induldge in things I haven't had in YEARSSSS. No lie. :(

Breakfast: Fruit & Maple oatmeal, medium coffee w/ 4 cream & 3 sugar (lowered the sugar content by one packet lol)

Lunch: Veggie burger and (ready for this....) small onion rings :-x AND (the worst) a slice of hershey chocolate moose pie. OMG!!!!

Dinner: salmon with brussel sprouts and egg noodles. It tasted like garbage.

Water: emmm, about 5 oz all day. Ugh. No vitamins, no gym, I SUCK! (today) Tomorrow I HAVE to hit the gym or my treadmill at home so that I don't break my 3-day in a row goal.


Better luck tomorrow :(

Love you girl!! AWESOME job at Crossfit!! You're killing it!!!! XOXO 


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