The sound of the buzzer

Maz had my eyes crossed in a matter of seconds not to mention the liquid of sticky joy that escaped from deep within me was making its way across the top of the machine

The noise from up stairs had long exploded and we barely heard sounds of distanced echoes racing across a large canyon.

I could tell that he too was ready to release the tension that was building up inside of him. The sounds of my lips smacking to the sound of the escaping suction started to quicken along with my hands motions of going up and down on his shaft, he was ready.

His hand left their playful spot and took hold of my breast.  His lips twisted as his mouth expelled unheard of words of expressions.

“Good!” he said in a very deep voice looking down at me.

His eyes were glazed over and his face started turning different shades of red.  The vein in his neck began to bulge and pulsate.  All of the feeling for myself quickly left me as I watched his head shake from side to side and this upper teeth grind against the lower.

I opened my mouth wider and inhaled his entire member including the two dangling members. I knew letting my tongue dart in, around and across the content inside of my mouth, he have had enough. It could have been the loud thumping on the floor above us or the sound of several cars starting up outside, but he pulled away from me quickly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Not like that.” He said.  He stepped off of the foot stool and placed his hands on his hip.  I watched him walk around the small room several times.  His body was covered in sweat, his and mine, which gave him a wonderful glow.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I lied. I knew he wanted one more time inside of me, but all of this prolonging the night was running thin.

Again, as if he was some kind of super hero, he jumped from the floor onto the machine and straight away into me. My knees were pressed into my breast and my hips were up and off the machine. With each thrust, I could feel my body sliding slowly off the machine and before I knew it we were on only one machine. In saying that I meant only my lower back was actually on the machine as my head, upper torso and feet was hanging off. I was looking at the world upside down, if he hadn’t taking hold of my wrist, I would have hit the floor head first.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  IT WAS GGGOOODDDD! The blood was rushing to my head, he tucked my hands under my hips to raise them up more and his rhythm was on point.  I heard our bodies touching each other like the clapping of an audience during a great performance.

He let go of my wrist and took hold of my thigh.  He gave a quick jerk to pull me a little towards him to gain more control. I could feel his fingers dig into my thigh as the rhythm became faster. He released a small grunt, stopped and took a breath before he continued on. Again he stopped and took a breath.

“I don’t want it to end.” He said as he released one last grunt.

For a moment there was nothing. No sounds.

He took hold of my hands and pulled me upwards into a seated position.  His hands wrapped around me, holding me tight.  My body was without energy and I barely placed my arms around him. We sat on top of the dry for ten minutes in each other’s arms knowing that we will never do this again. The dryer sang a buzzing sound to let us know our fun ride was over.

“I am so glad I put cameras down here.” Darkness voice came into the room.  


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