The sound of a terrible economy? Snip, snip!

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You thought you'd heard it all about the ramifications of the current state of the economy, but maybe you hadn't heard this: In addition to everything else we're going to blame on the economy, it's also causing more vasectomies.

Oh, the CNN article rushes to assure us that no one checks their portfolio and then calls the urologist, but the "general climate" seems to nudge folks towards a permanent birth control solution. Plus, depending on your insurance, a vasectomy may be cheaper than continuing to purchase other birth control. And if you're worried about a layoff -- and subsequent health coverage loss -- maybe you'd want to squeeze in the snip before it's too late.

I love news like this. It's so... well, to some extent I just wonder why it's news. Plus I've known so many men to balk at the idea for all sorts of weird reasons, it sort of cracks me up to know that now maybe some of the same men who had 101 excuses, before, are manning up.

But mostly I like it because it provides me with ample opportunity to remind my husband what an awesome wife I am. (I'm not really an awesome wife. But as I had a complete hysterectomy for medical reasons, years ago, this is one decision he'll never have to make.)

What's the commentary 'round the blogs?

ParentDish's Bethany Sanders does the math and confirms the big V to be cost-effective, but reminds us that reversal only has a 50% success rate (so don't go signing up if you're not really sure).

Dr. Helen wonders if those who get the snip during an economic downturn might regret it, later, when times are easier.

Speaking of regret, Kimberly writes at DC Metro Moms Blog about the regret she feels over her husband's vasectomy.

At Reproductive Health Reality Check, Cristina Page illustrates the political cautionary tale in this trend:

Family planning is nothing less than a foundation on which many Americans build sturdy, responsible lives. Regardless of political affiliation, that's exactly what many are struggling to do right now. Those who have lost their jobs and health insurance are in great need of family planning. They're also, alarmingly, the ones with the least access to it.
Family planning is an American family value and, as national data indicate, something we rely on in our greatest times of need. Attacks on our right to plan our families shred the social safety net. The Republicans are welcome to titter and heckle the next time a proposal to support family planning crosses their desks. Doing so will only reveal how astoundingly out of touch they are from American's real lives and needs.

And if reading that last one felt kind of heavy, don't worry! I like to end things on a happy note, when I can. So here's some great vasectomy cakes at Cake Wrecks to lift your mood. You're welcome!

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