Sourdough Bread - NO-Knead ... my first attempt - start to finish!

Not Just A Chick

It feels good to see (and TASTE) a finished product knowing YOU did it... start to finish... "from scratch".  Who would of thought one small loaf of bread was over 2 weeks in the making... who would of thought it could taste THAT good....  heck---who would of thought it'd be THAT easy!!  Who said I don't have any patience! haha

Using a combination of recipes, tips, tricks and stuff all found on various sites (isn't google awesome!)  My finished product...  Sourdough Bread (no-knead to boot!) AND I have a healthy sourdough starter in my fridge, just waiting to be baked with again. 

It's awesome toasted ....  or just warmed slightly with Garlic and Herb Butter...  Crust is perfectly crispy .....

Sourdough Bread - noknead

Sourdough Bread crumb

Full recipe is located here:

 hmm... I'm seeing sourdough pizza crust in the near future!