South Asians are Twice as Likely to Die from Heart Disease?

Be sure to tune in tonight, Wednesday, February 15 on CBS-5 in San Francisco at 7:20 pm, just before Judge Judy, where I'll be talking about heart health.

Here in Silicon Valley, there are many people with South Asian ancestry who have moved here from India or other South Asian countries to work in high tech. What physicians started noticing was many young South Asians in their 40's and 50's were coming to Emergency rooms with heart attacks. How could so many people at such young ages, who seemed healthy be at higher risk for heart disease.

As it turned out, South Asians are 4 times as likely to have heart disease and are twice as likely to die from it.

  • Vegetarian diet that focuses on grains
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Higher total cholesterol
  • Less exercise
  • Lp(a) - a type of cholesterol that's produces more atherosclerotic plaques


I hope you'll join me for the Day of Dance on Saturday February 25th. This is part of a nationwide event to help all of us get up and get moving to reduce our risk of heart disease.   I'm delighted to be working with El Camino Hospital to inform people about the incredible services available there, including their Heart and Vascular Institute.

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