South Dakota, Montana Primaries-OPEN THREAD DISCUSSION

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It all comes down to South Dakota and Montana, the last two states to hold Democratic presidential contests.

Will this end the nomination battle between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama?

Speculation has kept pundits and bloggers busy all day, with early reports Clinton would concede after the polls close to later corrections by the campaign.

As voters cast their ballots, Sarah Wheaton at the New York Times Politics Blog writes, "So, we’re about to proceed to report on turnout in South Dakota and Montana, the last primary states. But first, can we just pause for a moment of reflection here? We’re reporting on turnout in the last two primary states, South Dakota and Montana."

Fruits and Voices blogs on the projections, "Remembering the good old days in Montana: Montana’s delegate allocations are a little funky, with the state divided up into two pseudo-CDs based on Montana’s old congressional districts from the 1980s (it has just one now). Each district has five delegates…
Given the vast territory, this actually makes sense. Or at least it would if delegate candidates themselves actually did the campaigning.
Source: Nate Silver’s projection (which, by the way is: Obama 59.1%, Clinton 40.9%; Obama 9 delegates, Clinton 7).
Also relevant today: The South Dakota projection, and the attendant tricky demographics (all the trickier because exit polling has not asked about indigenous people’s preferences, even in other states where they are a substantial minority)."

NPR reports the contests will award 31 delegates-not enough to give either the nomination. "Instead, the nomination is expected to be decided by the remaining undecided superdelegates. Obama says he thinks uncommitted superdelegates will endorse him in big numbers soon after today's voting."

There are also reports today saying Clinton would consider taking the Vice President slot on an Obama ticket.

Citizen Against Lies writes, "Obama should offer Clinton the VP position because there is no other way he will bring some very angry Clinton supporters into his campaign. Together, they would be unbeatable. They aren’t progressive on many things, but they’d be better than the alternative."

While PunditMom asks "How Long Will It Be Until the Next 'Viable Woman Presidential Candidate?'" and declares the US is not ready, "Clinton is in campaign shut-down mode and I'm a bit depressed. Not because I thought she was the best candidate to be our next president, but because of what it says about our country and its views on women and how much longer that road is than I had thought."

The world will be watching and waiting to see what happens tonight. Join us for a discussion as history unfolds. Leave your blog posts in the Mr. Linky widget, comment in the thread, and hold onto your seats as the FINAL Democratic primary will yield SOME sort of result this evening.


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