Southerners and Their Need To Feed... Everybody!




patricaneelydorsey.webs.comHere in the south we feed people. A lot. We feed people when a loved on passes on, when a loved one is in the hospital or comes home from the hospital. We feed pregnant moms who need some rest, those who are caring for sick loved ones, and small children. We feed people before church, after church, and during Sunday School. If we have a get together of any kind first thing we do is plan the menu and have everybody sign up to bring something. If it’s homemade you get a great big ole star, if you go to Publix like I do people start saying “Honey why don’t you just bring the ice, plates and cups.” At first that hurt but now I have accepted it. I love to eat the food but don’t really love to cook it. Anyway the point is life here in Georgia and the south in general involves food.

When I was a little girl my family drove up to North Georgia to Pendergrass and visited my  Grandmother often. Now you would assume since we affectionately referred to her as “Grandmother” she was an eloquent, properly dressed, elite woman of the community living in a wealthy neighborhood. Not quite, actually she was a large woman, who went barefoot most the time, dressed in big baggy dresses, sometimes had whiskers on her cheeks and chewed tobacco. But she had a lap that would hold my brother and me at the same time and we loved to snuggle up with her.

When we walked in Grandmother’s home there was a table full of food. Fried chicken, biscuits, thick cornbread, fresh green beans, butter peas, mashed potatoes, homegrown tomatoes, okra ( my dad’s favorite). Up until she got too sick to cook my grandmother made sure we ate well.

I’ve lived in Georgia for almost my entire life and the two years I didn’t were the worst two years of my life. Truly I tried to give the other places a chance but home is home and there’s no place like it. I tried to give food a chance elsewhere too but food is just food anywhere else but in the south then it’s southern comfort.


Recipe for Southern Cornbread

Large bowl

Pour in cornmeal until it fills maybe about 2/3 of the bowl

Pour in some cooking oil, use your own judgment. Use Crisco shortening if you want, my family always did, just drop in a large spoonful and see if it’s enough, if not add some more.

Add 2 or 3 eggs and some salt and pepper to taste.

Pour in some buttermilk until it’s the right consistency. Mix it all together and pour into greased black cast iron skillet that has been seasoned.

Cook for however long it takes to get done, you’ll know when because when you’re a southern cook you just know these things. But approximately 30 to 35 minutes.

Enjoy with a good home cooked meal or crumble up in a bowl and pour some buttermilk or sweet milk over it then add a little salt and pepper. Delicious

If you want a more exact recipe read the back of your cornmeal bag.


Are you a real southerner who feeds everyone or have you enjoyed the hospitality of a wonderful southerner? Care to Share?



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