Spa Day!

Yes, I know, I gave you two endings. I just wanted to know which one you like or are they just the same? It’s been a rough few weeks, and it is time to pick up my spirit. You see Mr. Hollywood took back the car, leaving me with nothing but my brother’s old piece of a car to sell toys out of.

Now I’m off to the spa. See what happened was…

Nikki, a dear old friend from out of town, blew in and insisted that we head off for a day at the spa. I told her everything about Mr. Hollywood, how we met, the trip to California and how he threatens me with a lawsuit if I said anything.

“That dumb bastard! He finds some other woman and…” she started to yell out as she drove down the high way.  She continued her rant as she pulled into the circle drive at the hotel for the valet in the bright green coat. “Be careful with it, sonny.” Nikki let her long leg dangle out of the car door.  She took his hand and pulled herself out of the custom made black Porsha.

We walked into the hotel with all the attitude of owning the place and what a place it was.  It had high ceilings with draping crystals. I felt as if I was walking into a fairy tale. You know the kind and if you don’t just think of one. 

We checked in and were directed towards the elevators. Our heels made the knowing clicking sound as we walked across the marble floor. The sounds of our continuous giggling echo in the large room and we were ready to get rubbed up and down.

Nikki pushed the button for the elevator and we waited for what seemed like forever for the doors to open. Nikki was in no way like me, one would say that we were total opposites. She was tall, white and thin. She was a knock out in all shapes, size and forms. She wore a white dress that was short enough that if she farted you could see the small tattoo of a skull and cross bone on the spot where her pubic hair once was. Bone white was her trade mark and it included her shoes, purse, large brim hat and gloves.  It was only her dark glasses that gave off the attention towards her bright natural red long hair.

“Watch this.” Nikki said tossing her hair with her right hand. She slightly opened her plump red lips and let her tongue extend out past her chin as she directed her face in the direction of four men seated at the bar. “What do you want? Diamond bracelets? Fur coat? Expensive shoes?”

I wanted to tell her so bad that all I wanted was a car.

She turned totally around to face the men.  Placing her fingers in her mouth, slowly she let it slide out and down her chin.  In a matter of seconds she had let her finger go from her mouth, to her breast, down past her belly until it traced around the hem of her dress. Before I could tell her to stop, she had raised the right side of the dress far up towards her hip that the men could tell she tanned in the nude.

the elevator door opened and an older couple crept out. Nikki gave me room to enter first. I watched with a very large smile as she tucked her purse under her arm. She placed her hands quickly on the back of her thigh and let them slide up to her but were she took a strong hold exposing just enough to gain their attention. She walked into the elevator, quickly turned around and raised her dress to her naval. 


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