Spanking: If We Know Better, Shouldn't We Do Better?

Child, Boxing Glove"[HerMelness], we must be able to to tell the difference between spanking and child abuse. The two are not the same!! No one and I mean no one should abuse a child. Physically or mentally. Spanking is not abuse. Spanking is a way to get and keep control over our children.

"What do you do when your child misbehaves, [HerMelness]?"

This was the question asked of me by Mr Wendell Jordan Sr., he of the often thought-provoking blog "I Love Being A Dad" and, specifically, following my comment on his post "Positive Parenting: Spanking Is Good!!," and from which I have just quoted.

So, first, Wendell, (may I call you Wendell?) my apologies for the tardiness of this response.

Reading your post again reminded me that control was the consistent thread running through your published thinking on discipline, lest our children "don’t behave, are rude and are completely out of control."

That word again.

And originating from an 'old school' culture, I get that.

I was raised where children were not in control or ruled households because they did not yet have the knowledge or experience to do so. I was raised where spanking was a disciplinary tool for parents, teachers and any other adult with fiduciary responsibility and, admittedly, I don't recall ever thinking that what was happening was child abuse but more how much a spanking was going to hurt.



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