Speaker Spotlight: Charlene Li at BlogHer | bet ’11

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Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Waaaayyyyy back in 2005, BlogHer hosted its inaugural conference by and about women who blog. At that event, Charlene Li participated in the opening general session alongside Halley Suitt Tucker. The topic: Should we try to change the rules of the game...or just create a new game?

In the interest of continuing to try to do both, Charlene is joining us yet again to be one of our industry leader mentors at a new event for ambitious women: BlogHer | bet ’11.

Charlene Li at BlogHer | bet

BlogHer | bet ’11 is an intimate event for women who have BIG business ideas in technology, Internet and/or media. Charlene Li is a trend watcher of the highest order, and she's been tracking this space longer than many of us have been aware it existed. She is a veteran technology and business analyst who left Forrester research to found Altimeter, a research-based advisory firm, in 2008. She’s also the author of two bestselling business books, “Groundswell: Living In A World Transformed By Social Technologies” and "Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead."

Charlene is a thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing. Besides speaking at BlogHer, she has presented at American Society of Association Executives, SXSW, and Web 2.0 Expo. Her expertise makes her uniquely qualified to be one of only 50 mentors at BlogHer | bet ‘11, where she’ll be given the opportunity to inspire, educate and advise women one-on-one. To learn more about Charlene, you can read her bio here.

Do you have a mentor for your great ideas? If so, how did you find your mentor? Does s/he give you advice regarding technology, funding, marketing, and more? Would you like to connect with industry leaders who can answer your questions? Join us at BlogHer | bet ’11 to launch your next BIG idea!

About the Speaker Spotlight Series: BlogHer is excited about our upcoming conferences this year (yes, conferences, plural: BlogHer | bet ’11, BlogHer Food ’11 and BlogHer ’11). Though we may still be many weeks away, we figure it's never too early to begin introducing you to our speakers. Each Monday, I'll randomly select a panel or two to highlight. Though the panels are randomly selected, our speakers are not -- we take great care in researching, considering and inviting speakers for each conference, with a special focus on featuring new and diverse voices. We hope you’ll learn a lot, think a lot and jump into lively conversations with these speakers!

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