A Special Daddy~Daughter Book

Last week I wrote about what a difficult time L has been having while J is away from home. In that post I mentioned I'd been working on a project to help L deal with the separation...and it's here! It arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I gave it to my two loves as soon as J got home from work last night. Now I can finally share it with all of you!

It's a book...all about L and her daddy! It starts with one of our maternity photos (where J is kissing my belly) and includes pictures of the two of them together throughout the nearly three years of her life so far. I'm hoping that when she's missing him she'll enjoy looking at the pictures and remembering all the wonderful time they've spent together.

Also, since it includes so many pictures of her as a small baby, I'm hoping it will also be a good tool to help with the transition of having a little sister join us soon! L has been really focused on babies and "getting bigger" lately so it's neat for her to be able to look chronologically at all the pictures of her from when she was a baby to the present.


Both of them really like the book...but it's our weekend. We'll see if it makes a difference during the week! 

Just so you know, I made the book on Shutterfly. I had a discount code from Zulily and only had to pay shipping. I was pretty excited. The problem is that now I want to make a million little books like this and it won't be so inexpensive to do it again! By the way, neither Shutterfly nor Zulily are involved in this post in anyway...just thought you all might like to know where/how I made the book!  

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