2009 New Years Resolution: To Live a Long Life?

Todays Headline: Americas Oldest Man Dies at 112Wow! Can you imagine living that long? What's your new years resolution for 2009? ...more

Transition to Digital Television Analog to Digital Impacts Seniors, Minorities, Disable and Rural Americans

Currently, there are over 7 million Americans who are not ready for the Transition to Digital Television on February 17th, 2009 (Nielsen, December 2008). What does this mean? When Congress mandated that the 35 million Americans who have either rabbit ear antenna or roof top antenna will have to make a monumental change in their viewing experience - a defining moment in our communication "reception" become apparent. ...more

Beautiful Christmas Food Photo Greetings from Food Bloggers Around the World!

One of the things I love most about food blogs is the amazing food photos. I know from personal experience that photographing food is a challenge, and I admire bloggers who can turn out beautiful photos no matter what they're cooking. Of course when Christmas comes, these talented photographers have beautiful Christmas food photos on their blogs to wish readers a Merry Christmas. ...more

Oh, thanks so much for this list. These are lovely! Shooting food is one of the hardest ...more

Party Like It’s 1929

In the spirit of the times rather than the season, why not throw a Recession Rager? ...more

Necessity is the Mother of Invention:

OR..........Necessity is the Mother of Mittens. ...more

Kids Off The Couch's Favorite Family Films of 2008

It's time to eat, gift and be merry with the family so here's Kids Off The Couch's Top Ten list of new DVDs that are worth purchasing for your home library. Wrap and enjoy! ...more

Tough Holidays for Loved Ones: How to Help

I'm writing this post at the request of family members and friends who are having a difficult time this holiday season.  The holiday season is not joyful or easy for all.  Recognizing that fact can be the first step toward helping friends who find the Holidays a tough time. Last week, I took the time to talk to several friends who find the Holidays difficult.  In the process, I asked each what she and her family needed and how I could help to make this time of year easier.  They gave me several ideas on how to help. ...more

Holiday gifts for journalists

If you are a journalist, or love someone who is, you know that most of us could use a little extra love this holiday season. As Elana recently noted we ink-stained wretches are high up on the growing list of industries that have had a rough year. So, here are a few suggestions for gifts that might bring a smile to your favorite (current, former, or aspiring) member of the Fourth Estate. For the backpack journalists ...more

Thanks so much. I had a great time putting it together.

It's really nice to have to ...more