Yumlicious Adventures

We enjoyed some awesome bruschetta recently at Pannullo's. Light but with a full bite of flavor= what more could we ask for, people? ...more


Today is Canada's birthday.  The sun is out and so are the mosquitoes.  Life does have its bite.  I wouldn't want it any other way, would you?  So cheers!  Let us celebrate - to Canada and life with all its flavours....more

A tisket, a tasket, a celebration basket

Hunter and I hit the ground running to find gift ideas for his mom's birthday and Father's Day for his dad, which happened to both fall on June 15th this year. After searching and agonizing over blah ideas, I decided we had one choice. We had to head to the land every lost girl finds her way to, in hopes of better tomorrows and a little bit of everything you might need. And clearly, that choice was Target. ...more

Happy Cinco De Mayo - My Favorite Recipes


Adoption......It's Personal

I agree that a decision of adopting a child is personal and a couple dies take time to arrive at ...more

About to Pop Baby Shower (Part 1 of 5)

 Today, I am beginning a series about the baby shower that I threw for my sister a while ago....more

Featuring Amazing Creatures @BlogHer

To commemorate my 100th post @BlogHer. I am presenting my very first post that is exclusive to BlogHer. ...more
 @GaelMc You are very welcome.more

A Week of Holidays

The Week in Review...more