Enjoy Your Labor Day Like Never B4

Your other option is this: you could use your 3-day "end of summer" weekend, to do the things you've always done, the ways you've always done them.  That's the easiest thing to do, for sure.  But after 8 months of doing 1 new thing every week, I can guarantee you that if you do something this weekend that you've never done before you'll ... ...more

Party Planning

I've always been a planner - I plan how my day will go, I plan what I will say to so-and-so, I plan what my house will look like some day, I plan how I will teach my children, I plan for what type of job I am going to have someday, I plan what kind of FUN parties I will have with my friends ... and the list can go on (but I won't bore you because I'm sure you get the idea.) The problem with this is that even though I am a planner, I am not always so good at the execution of the plan. ...more

I love that you are thinking about Halloween now, in August! It's my absolute favorite ...more

Still Water

We are all familiar with the wine snob. You know, the ones you go to dinner with and cringe when the wine menu is handed over. They painstakingly look it over, commentating on each and every one that they have tried....."this one is smoky, this one is oak-y"...... well the same seems to have become true for water. Here's a tidbit from a recent article from msnbc.com that discusses just how far this bottled water phenomenon has gone. ...more

Copperwiki.org – Add to the Conversation.

CopperWiki is a fast conductor for information, one which gives us choices for living a healthy, useful and conscious life. We know a lot of information exists-but it exists out there piecemeal. We have to hunt for it, evaluate the credibility of each source and all the hard work sinks when it is time for the next update. ...more

Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Mam - Today on www.JenniferSuarez.com

For some reason blogher isn't properly posting this blog today.  Please visit www.JenniferSuarez.com for if you have issues: The connection to my web site was down last night (and this morning) because of my dishwasher. How can a dishwasher possibly effect a web site you ask? Well let me tell you what happened. ...more

He Loves me...

My Husband is so sweet, He did all this for me and well I guess for you to. Look what he wrote: FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.   ...more

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The 2008 Raleigh St. Patrick's Day parade ...more

An Illustrious Guide to Coffee Drinks

It is estimated that specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% each year; in America alone, the coffee industry is worth about 18 billion dollars, and about 50% of Americans consume espresso drinks. A little bit surprising, considering that espresso has traditionally been much more popular in central Europe. Nonetheless, it is clear that espresso is here to stay. ...more

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I'll expand it at the end of the week if I have the time. I ...more