101 Non-edible treats, food allergy friendly candy & recipes

If you have a child with food allergies, take a look at our free AllergyMoms newsletter. We have terrific food allergy friendly recipes, like these Birds nests! Take a peek! Take care, Gina www.AllergyMoms.com ...more


hello this is my first blog post. ...more

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

There was cake involved, and roses and candy hearts, and people were super nice. That made me happy. :) . ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: The anti-Valentine parade

Valentine’s Day is the Hallmark holiday that has been shoved down our throats since grade school. Could this be as bad as getting McDonald’s to sponsor report cards? Valentines of all shapes and sizes circulate the classrooms as teachers force students to celebrate the holiday. Each student has an elaborately decorated valentine box that he or she creates from an ordinary shoe box, milk carton or whatever other creative idea the teacher happens to have at that particular moment. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more

Valentine Party Games


I recently created 3 simple games that use paper hearts.  For directions on how to play ...more

Souther Boy

This is how my son and father spent the better part of Christmas Day. I really feel like my son has the opportunity to be quite a man and live an authentically happy life. I love the fact that he is sweet and compassionate with an easy charm that is simply infectious. http://sanctitysabbatical.blogspot.com/ ...more

Jumping off the busy treadmill!

In Australia we are a couple of weeks into the summer holidays. The first weeks of the holidays area always traditionally busy with catch ups before Christmas, Christmas and all its festivities, which is then quickly follwed by New Year's Celebrations. As I sat down to plan some activities for my family for the remainder of the holidays, I ponder ed the thought of the busyness of life and how I need to take these moments to make sure that we are NOT "busy" for the remainder of the holidays. ...more

New Years (with kids!)

Any fun traditions on New Years? Some friends of ours invited us over several times, and since we all had young children, we'd eat & play games, and then do the official "countdown" to midnight along with oh, Iceland or somewhere (ie. 8pm our time) and party with that (noisemakers, balloons, confetti). That way at least the kids got to feel a part of the whole "staying up till the New Year" experience but still had rest. Yes, you could say I'm overprotective about bedtime :) Believe me, I have my reasons, lol! I loved the idea & we'll continue it this year again. ...more

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. How fun to have come from such a big family--hope you take some ...more

How a Jew Saved Christmas

www.girlgonechild.com My husband is not Jewish and we spend Christmas at his parent's home in another state. The following is an email I sent to my friend on how I saved Christmas this year. Hope you find it amusing. Warning, site is not for the easily offended. How Elaine Saved Christmas Haley, We just got back in town. Our holiday with the in-laws was very nice. Baby G got lots of good stuff, I drank wine and Nathan was able to relax and hang out with some non-Jews for once. ...more

Enjoyed your humor. Thaks for a great chuckle.



21st Century Holidays

I'm not one to be hyper-sensitive about PC issues, but I have still always hated the saccharin, shallow, materialistic, ethnocentric way that most holidays are celebrated here in the US. So I was GIDDY when I stumbled upon www.TinkerTank.org the other day. ...more