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12 Food Allergy Land Mines & How to Avoid Them

If you need help navigating the holidays with special dietary needs of any kind including peanut allergy, food allergies, celiac's disease or a gluten and casein free diet, please take a peek at our "12 Holiday Land Mines" article or our "10 Things Families with Allergies Want You to Know" in our latest newsletter. We also have an easy and adorable alternative to the traditional gingerbread house: An Allergy Friendly Igloo! There are also recipes, safe candy lists, & links to our most popular blog topics. Take a look! ...more

My Christmas and Road-Trip Survival Guide

Tomorrow morning I am California bound! That's's road-trip time baby! The BF and I will be spending this Christmas down in LA with my grandmother as well as my aunt and her family. We're driving down from the beautiful shores of BC to the also beautiful (but decidedly) warmer shores of Southern California. We hope to hit up some of the usual tourist spots and also make it out to some more far-away and unusual places too - like Baja. ...more

Game of Life - Christmas Letter

A friend of mine received this Christmas card in the mail this year! We were both amazed by the creativity that I had to feature her! Lori designed her Christmas card letter into 'The Game of Life". These instructions were included: ...more

I like this one. I wonder what my kids could create with this idea.

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New & Unique Christmas Traditions

I've been really focusing on starting some fun but different family traditions this year during the Christmas season. Here are some that I've been impressed with: ...more

Run, Run Rudolph!

To do and yet to do Done Cards mailed Check House decorated Check House Clean Check Tree Decorated Check Dog Cookies competed, five varieties, Check Dog Cookies bagged Check Dog Cookies distributed Check Gifts for distant family and friends wrapped Check Gifts for distant family and friends packed for shipping Check Doggers Christmas cards either packed or mailed to distant family and friends Check Dog Cookies packed for shipping Check Doggers’ Christmas cards distributed to co-workers ...more

To Do List

Deck that! swab those I started out the weekend with a to do list: 1. Put up the out door lights ...more

12 Days of Christmas

You can't have too many 12 Days of Christmas ideas in your back pocket! You can use these ideas to do together as a family, mail one at a time or all together, do with your youth at church, as girlfriends for a friend who needs a lift, the possibles are endless! ...more

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Gimme a make-up wake-up!

I wear little or no make-up most of the time. And yet, lately, I have been craving a little make-up wake-up... "A little nifty, lifty, lift-up" as Tiger Lily likes to say... So, I've invited "Debbie" (a professional make-up artist and dietitian) over to do three holiday looks for me and a few friends (West Coast T, and a few other moms...). I want to see a casual/daylight look for those brunches, a formal/evening face for the White House Christmas party, and a third face of her choice...but I hope it includes sparkles... ...more

A Guide to Holiday TV

In keeping with the tradition of Christmas arriving earlier and earlier every year in store displays and advertising, television programming is following suit. Love A Charlie Brown Christmas?  It was on last night.  Never miss Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!?  On tonight - if you see my post right when it goes up you might be able to catch it on ABC at 8:30 pm (right after Shrek the Halls).  Have I saddened you?  I'm sorry and I've got good news - both those shows will repeat and I've got ways for you to ensure you never miss the holiday classics and suggestions on how you can find new favorites. ...more

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