The dawn of a new year is usually the time when we think about how we would like for things to be in our lives, make resolutions for change, and then make plans for the future.  In some respects, it might be compared to spring cleaning in January - get rid of what you don't want in order to make room for what you do want. Step One:  Love Yourself ...more

From Dr. Pat: Making Christmas Anew


Oh Happy Day! (When Jesus was Born)

It’s Christmas Eve, the night that most Italians celebrate with family and close friends, awaiting the arrival of the Baby Jesus. In fact, only at midnight he makes his appearance in the crèche. ...more

Chanukah IV: And Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today it feels as though we've turned a corner. I woke up with my voice (mostly) intact for the first time in days, Peanut seems to be on the mend as well (a bit of a nagging cough, but ...more

Difficulty Coping With Family During The Holidays? JOIN THE CLUB

My most memorable family-related Christmas disaster came courtesy of my mother-in-law, the very first year that my husband and I were married. She flew across the country to spend the holidays with us, and then proceeded to spend the entirety of her stay reminding me that I was in no way caring for my husband adequately. The nadir of whole experience came Christmas Day, after I had spent the day slaving over a turkey dinner. I had set the table, put out the food, poured champagne into everyone’s glasses and invited my mother-in-law to toast the meal. Which she did. ...more

Oh, mothers in law! Did I mention that I live 1000 feet from mine. Kinda wish I lived in ...more

momma got her Christmas shoes!

This season has been a season of questions with my 9 year old son Jakob. He has heard rumors of the maybes and maybe not's when it comes to "believing" in a certain jolly ole Saint Nick. He hasn't come to the point of "mom is this the truth?" He has had some doubts I think, but has not vocalized much of them. ...more

MY GIFT TO YOU: LET ME SET YOU UP ON TWITTER to help @wellwishes campaign REACH ITS GOAL for CHARITY:WATER :) by Christmas EVE!!

Christmas Eve is in less than 24 hours. And Twitter is all abuzz about a microfunding campaign called @wellwishes for Charity: Water  to raise $25,000 by midnight of Christmas Eve. ...more

Oy Vey . . . It's Christmas

Oy Vey It’s Christmas By Julie Stankowski ...more

Thanks!  At least I know someone got a little laugh.  Went to your blog and enjoyed your ...more

Sing A New Song

Christmas Carols, in Latin and the one in German, for you. Because if I have to hear The Christmas Shoes one more time, that welps Mama ain't the only one "...gonna meet Jesus"   1. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht! Alles schläft; einsam wacht Nur das traute heilige Paar. Holder Knab' im lockigten Haar, : Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh! :   2. Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht! Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht ...more

More than ever! The best Christmas in lean times.

I've been concerned for my dear boy who has it in his head that he must live in a house with no heat (too expensive), with roommates, transferring to a new college and looking for a job and finishing up his semester and final exams here in Sac all at the same time.  Mom isn't around to help out and with the economy and jobs the way they're going, I can't do a lot financially either.  Boy do I feel hopeless sometimes. He's excited to be living the grown up life.  Welcome to the real world, kind of living.  Yeah it hits like a ton of bricks.  So as a ...more