Forever Wanting

The holidays are not the best time to manage expectations. I love birthdays, vacations, holidays, any special occasion. I plan every detail to try and make it memorable for my daughters, husband, and family. ...more
I love your lofy wishes! ;-)more

One of the most important weeks in interior design just wrapped...

Design Miami/ took Miami by storm and the list of design visionaires who enlightened their fans this year is longer than ever. I've interviewed a handful of them on my ezine Design Commotion. Ross Lovegrove, the Campana Brothers, Nadja Swarovski, Piero Lissoni are among the talented individuals I interviewed. They have helped to change the face of design and how we view interiors and furnishings. ...more

A few of my favourite things...

Long before Oprah there existed a list of favourite things. Those things which make your life a little brighter. This is MY list...(actually it is an excerpt of a recent post on my blog Goannatree) ...more

Gifts That College Students Want

College student can be a tricky group to shop for, so I asked college students and recent college grads for gift ideas. Overall, practical gifts are best when shopping for a college student. Here are some of the responses that I got, as well as some that have always been my favorites to give and get: ...more

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, I have tried to be a really good girl this year. I have been reading to the boys (almost) every night, not fighting with DH (trying my hardest), and (hired a cleaning woman who is) keeping the house clean. Here is my list: (for more check out How Mommy Got Her Groove Back) ...more

Gift Ideas for Mom & Baby

I sort of assumed that being at home full-time would help me get my Christmas shopping done much earlier this year...turns out that my son isn't a big fan of shopping. Add this to the cold snap we've had, and I'm looking at an all-online shopping season. If you have similar plans, or just need some good gift ideas (and discounts on them) for the moms and babies on your list, check these out. They're a couple of things we loved using, and they're both made by moms! ...more

The Top 5 Must-Give Gifts of the Season for Under $20

Trends come and go - we know this. So when it comes to gift giving this season, think hard about the style pieces you purchase for others. I firmly believe that gift cards are the best route to go when it comes to holiday gift giving if the person is a) a new friend who you are still getting to know, b) a good friend but who you really have no time to shop for, c) a loved one who has specifically told you that a gift card is what he or she prefers, d) a coworker or colleague whose name you got from a gift exchange. ...more

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25!

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25! Spoiler Alerts ...more

Best Personalized Gifts Under $100

Best Personalized Gifts Under $100 Spoiler Alerts ...more

Spend Under $100.00 and Give the Gift for a Lifetime

We rounded the corner of Target in search of a green floodlight, my husband's answer to easy outdoor holiday lighting. Instead, we were head on facing the aisle endcap display of a box set of not one, not two, but EIGHT Disney Princess Barbies. All shiny, scantilly-clad PVC- and pthalate-laden plastic glory via China. A real bargain at $69.99, I tell you. I cringed. ...more