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Win a U-Command Wall-E and a "Kid Tough" Digital Camera!

This week in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes, you could win a Disney Pixar Wall-E U-Command Robot and a Fisher Price "Kid Tough" Digital Camera! The Wall-E U-Command Robot features a remote control that you can use to tell Wall-E to dance, change his expression, move, speak, and more. The "Kid Tough" Digital Camera, meanwhile, lives up to its name by being not only shock resistant and easy for a preschooler to hold and operate, but it's also waterproof! Kids can instantly see the photos they've taken on its 1.5 inch, color LCD screen. How can you enter to win these great toys? It's easy! Just add at least one playspace, with a photo, to the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time Dec. 8. Start entering playspaces today! Learn more about the sweepstakes. ...more

Gift Ideas For A College Grad's New Home

Do you need a gift idea for a recent college grad that has a new home? Here are some ideas: ...more

Green Holiday Gifts for Babies, Kids and Teens: All from Small Eco-Businesses

As a savvy auntie, I feel especially qualified to cover this topic. Never a mom but nine times an aunt and even more times a FONM (friend of a New Mom), I’ve shopped for babies, kids and teens more often than I can remember. I know how hard it is to find just the right thing – not too scratchy, not too babyish, “in-the-know” and trendy but not trying too hard…So I’ve decided that this holiday season, the right thing is the green thing. ...more

Holiday tradition for readers

I just heard about a cool Christmas tradition from a co-worker, Cathy. It sounds like a great idea if you have a family that likes to read. Cathy's parents host a dinner one night around the holidays.  Before dinner, the parents take the whole family to a local bookstore.  Each person gets to pick one book and the parents pay for them all.  The parents are done with all their Christmas shopping in one fell swoop, everyone gets something they want, and the family gets to spend some no-stress time together. ...more

Holiday Gift Madness

Giving gifts to teenagers is never easy, but I found a great gift at for my 17 year old friend.  She doesn't claim to be girly by any means, she's an athlete, but jewelry might just be a hit for her this year.  Until now, I haven't considered giving her anything expensive because she loses everything or breaks it.  But now she really wants a gold chain, and I found the perfect chain and charm for her in the store.  Gold rope (almost indestructable, even by her) and a cross charm. ...more

5 Ridiculously CUTE, Colorful, Green Gifts for Baby

Eco-friendly baby products are hotter than tattooed celebrities right now. Why? Because going green with baby just makes sense. The world is a scary place based on what you can see. Who wants to think about the invisible dangers lurking around like toxins and chemicals? ...more

I love those cupcakes.  You're right, I do want them for myself! :-)   

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Attention Chic Geeks: Technology Tips in Today's Economy

Using my expertise from working at Intel, I've compiled a few tips on staying "chic geek" during the holidays - no need to jump off the internet superhighway to save money! Check out my tech tips at ...more

Beware of gift cards

As you purchase gifts this holiday season, beware of gift cards and gift certificates.  When stores go out of business, their gift cards and gift certificates become worthless.  In this current economic climate, this is likely to happen more and more often.  It's not just small, local stores you need to be careful of. Big chain stores can also leave you holding the bag when they declare bankruptcy. ...more

Wanted for Christmas: Socks with No Holes

My sister is a second grade teacher at an impoverished school in Denver.  She just sent me a heart-breaking plea via e-mail for donations for her kids in her class for Christmas.  Here is part of her e-mail: ...more