10 Tips for $33 Birthday Party

I don't know about your kid, but Ainsley loves the anticipation and the creative process of planning and preparing for her birthday party as much as the actual party. Both of my kids love to cook. I just channel my mother.   ...more

Massage Candle

Have you ever experienced a Massage Candle? ...more

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets is a Toronto based company that opened its doors in 2007. Its' a dream that two sisters share to create baby & wedding gifts that are not only useful today but also remembered for many years to come. Each gift is designed with our full attention and utmost creativity. We started our company blog so we could share our stories of being mom-entrepreneurs and provide more information on our different product lines. We also do post how to plan fabulous baby showers and throw unforgettable wedding receptions. ...more

Charmed: Alice in Wonderland Series by Summerpoet Studios

[ Visit the WooMeOver BlingBlog for more tasty morsels of jewelry fashion. ] For a daytripper like me, Alice in Wonderland remains one of my favorite storybooks ever. I love Sir John Tenniel’s acid-laced illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s original. I love Disney’s dizzying, imaginative animation. ...more

Conservative Women have a tech toy?

We were looking for some inexpensive cameras to do some promotional videos and came across a "flip mini" camera splattered with a pink GOP logo. Tech toys for conservative chicks?! Pic after the break... ...more

Why I Love the Cheapness - Especially in This Economy

Ok, so first things first...I am a slave to the cheapness. There's just no other way to say it!  I...Love...Cheap...almost as much as I love free.  It's like a sickness. Now, don't get me wrong: I'm all about the quality (my word, I still have shoes from high school - and yes, they're still fabulous). ...more

Help Us Support Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we see pink everywhere. Everywhere we turn there is a simple way to help support the fight against breast cancer. Whether we go into a store and make a pink purchase, make a donation, join a walk, or purchase an item from somewhere where a percentage of proceeds goes towards breast cancer awareness, we cannot deny that it is easy to help find a cure.   ...more

Headin' Into Fall

Hello Beaudivas! Now that summer is finally behind us, it is time to fall forward into the autumn trends. For those of us without hair keeping our bald heads warm is first and foremost!  Here are some scientific facts about how our body loses heat on a cold day: ...more

CamiFlauge' : The Backless, Strapless Camisole

Hi I am Julie Johnson CEO of the CamiFlauge' We are excited to share our new Patent Pending garment with you!!! You can also see us at www.camiflauge.com  ...more

Last day on the green contest

Tomorrow is the last day for the free garment contest on my site www.zoicamatei.com, with a 60% off for the second place. I wish I would see more entries. Is it possible that we don’t have anything to say about green living? ...more