SWAG ALERT from Bellaziza -WIN Italtrike's new Cavallino Rocking Horse !!!

Just wanted to invite everyone to check out what we are giving away for this week's SWAG ALERT giveaway at www.bellazizasfavorites.com !   Just visit us online at our blog to enter to win this gorgeous wooden rocking horse from Italtrike!   www.bellazizasfavorites.com ...more

What to Buy Wednesdays - For pregger gals and those who love them.

After reading Pamela Paul's "Parenting Inc." I was moved to start a new feature on my blog called, "What to Buy Wednesday." Yeah, I'm not that creative with the naming thing...But it's my attempt to once a week highlight one thing that I think is a MUST buy for that pregnant woman in your life (or for you!). While I haven't been pregnant in almost 5 years now, I do recall that fear of knowing what to buy...so you buy it all or close to it. ...more

My First day at Camp

It was my first day at summer camp as a mom and my son's first day at camp as a 4 yr. old. This is the real deal camp. He's in a full day camp, 9 -4. We have been talking about camp since last week. I have been saying "Wow B, just think of all the fun you are going to have...think of all the friends you will make...all the things you will learn...I am so excited for you". In my heart I was petrified and worried about my lil man fending for himself, asking for help when necessary and being a well mannered boy. ...more

Did someone say "No Gifts for KIDS" Really???

As I continue to educate myself on how people think and what makes them tick when it comes to birthday/holidays and gifting, I came across a very interesting article that I will share with you but... Firstly, the concept of http://www.mykidsregistry.com/ is to offer parents "CHOICES" and "OPTIONS" as how they share their kids Birthday/Holiday wishes with family and friends.That concept continues to be our mission. ...more

Got Email Overload?

Hey BlogHers:  ...more

Motoring Gear for Kids

Motoring Gear for Kids (cross-posted from Ask Patty) ...more

Mother's Day Coupon Book

Here is a fun, easy project, that I wanted to share with you. This is something that you can do with your children, all in enough time before Mother’s Day. Whether redeemable for a car wash, breakfast in bed, or a luxurious day of pampering, coupons make memorable gifts allow Mom to savor the splendors of Mother’s Day long after the holiday has passed.  Read more... ...more

He Loves me...

My Husband is so sweet, He did all this for me and well I guess for you to. Look what he wrote: FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.   ...more

Valentine Bandit

Tip Junkie has recieved some great tips for Valentine's Day! ...more

Branding la Befana

Today is the celebration of the Epiphany. Or rather, it’s the day the old kitchen witch brings gifts for good kids or fills stockings with coal for the naughty ones. And traditionally, this has been the Big Day for little kids, up until not very long ago when Good St. Nick finally overtook her market share. After all, who could make it against a rosy-cheeked guy with reindeer and elves? Even though I thought La Befana might make a comeback post-Harry Potter, with her broomstick and all. ...more