Gifts for Performing Arts Lovers

If you have someone in your life who harbors a love for all things, dance, opera, classical music...then I'm here to give you some ideas on the latest hot gifts to stir their artsy fartsy soul. (Consider this is my atonement to the great theatre gods for writing about Reality TV most of the time!) ...more

Holiday Budget Guide

I used to think that budgeting was for pansies. Why meticulously keep track of every cent when you can haphazardly navigate through your finances and hoping for the best when you check out your bank account? Since that lobotomy my feelings on budgeting have swung like a pendulum from one end of the spectrum to the other and now I have spreadsheets and I plan. The sky is suddenly brighter and I also have my sense of smell back now that I don’t feel like I’m being slowly suffocated by dollar bills. ...more

People I know are not really used to giving food as 'formal' presents, so I think I should start ...more

Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is past and now sets in the search for The Perfect Gift. Click here for a list of great gift ideas for the wine lovers on your list. From Swirling Notions. Swirling Notions has a brand new look stop by and see! ...more

Top 10 Gifts for Car-Loving Ladies

It doesn't matter whether she is your wife, mother, or daughter; sister, cousin, or aunt. Are you looking for a way to indulge that special car-loving woman in your life? How about pampering her car -- or pampering HER while she's in her car? Consider accommodating her wildest driving fantasies with this collection of fun and luxurious gift ideas sure to drive her wild with holiday happiness. ...more

Question of the Week: What's the Worst Holiday Toy Ever?

Once upon a time, you could give a child a football (if he was a boy) or a new dolly (if she was a girl) for Christmas, and everyone was happy. Easy peasy. Times have changed, and although in many ways for the better (now girls can get footballs and boys can get dolls, and everyone has a lot more options), something terrifying has befallen today's parents. It's The Horrible Toy. ...more

One year my mother gave my children a harmonica each. What they lacked in skills, they made up ...more

Gift Ideas for Singles

Single women aren't always an easy group to buy for -- we're a wide range of ages, tastes, and personalities. Luckily, there are a lot of good ideas to be found out there. FYI: Maybe this is just me, but I already have a collection of good-smelling lotions in a variety of scents. Although this may seem like a nice, easy gift to pick up for a single woman, I also think it's boring. If a girl is in need of some smelly lotion, most likely she'll have gone out in advance of the holiday to pick it up for herself. However, the other quick-and-easy standby -- giftcards -- are always appreciated, as long as it's a store you know she likes, or one where you can buy a variety of items (like Target, for instance). ...more

I actually have a basket of lotion in my bathroom with a sign that says "take one" for all my ...more

Top Ten Health & Wellness Gifts: For the body, mind, and spirit.

Doesn't everyone love a gift that makes them feel good? I sure do. These are my top ten picks for health and wellness gifts. And if "Santa" happens to be reading BlogHer (and really, why wouldn't he/she be?), you can consider this my wish list too..."I haven't been naughty at all, just nice." So, here it is... ...more
Great ideas!  I think gifts that promote wellness are welcomed and deserved by almost anyone.  ...more

Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Conservatives

When it comes to holiday shopping, I am known as the Queen of Procrastination. I always wait until the last possible minute to purchase a gift, probably because I'm hoping the perfect gifts will magically arrive on my doorstep, ready for wrapping, tagging and placing under the tree. What do I buy for my Uncle Hank, the die hard Republican? I've got ten great gift ideas sure to please the conservatives in your life. ...more
Have you heard about the board game We the People Fight Tyranny?  That would be a great addition ...more

HIgh Tech Toddlers

I read an article about cell phones, MP3 players and laptops being the hot gift for toddlers this year, and I just about fell out of my chair. Are they nuts!? (Read articles.) ...more