New Holiday: December 26th is National Moms' Day Off

Hey! I made up a new holiday and I’d like to invite all of you to celebrate with me!Here’s a little poem to tell you all about it: THE BEST DAY OF THE YEARYou’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned,you’ve plotted, you’ve schemedto make the holiday bright.Now … you’re tired.Up to your elbows you’re mired...more

Second Marriage Christmas Gifts

Second Marriage Christmas Perks I'm still grateful to feel th...more

4 Ways To Bring Smile To Your Good Friends This Christmas

Christmas is one time of the year where everyone is joyous and in high spirits. While the weather is cold, hearts usually stay warm when everyone’s hero, Santa, arrives. While, the holiday season is special for everyone, most of us want to put in some extra effort for our loved ones to make them smile from ear to ear and make them feel more special....more

6 Gift Ideas For Your Loving Sister This Christmas

Growing up, your sister is the first friend you will ever have. It doesn’t matter how much the two of you fight, at the end of the day the bond two sisters share is one of a kind. And if you wish to strengthen this bond even more, then there is no better way than to buy her a gift she’d cherish forever....more

Nutmeg Logs

Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesIt's almost here! The grand finale of 12 days of Christmas Cookies is just around the corner. Thank God! I do like baking and I love you all to death, but I have other shit to do. And I really want to still fit in my jeans come New Year's. You know- without holding my breath until I pass out....more

Driving home for Christmas

How to Survive the Holidays When The Whole Family is in Town

(Image via’s the most wonderful time of the year!Right?...more

The Beauty Of An Ugly Brown Hairdryer

It’s a big, brown, slightly broken, archaic monstrosity…but it’s mine. The hairdryer I got in the 8th grade, for Christmas 1986....more


 Xmas lighting brings into our minds all the festivities related to Christmas. They are meant for embellishment and are also known as fairy lights. The decorations of Christmas Eve are incomplete without them. It is the festival rejoicing the birth of Jesus. The rituals of Christmas other than lighting include church services, exchanging of gifts, carol singing, Christmas cake, etc.A Brief History of Lighting:...more