I’m so, so excited to announce the next giveaway on the blog!! These adorable Christmas tags are perfect for your homemade Christmas baking gifts (or DIY gifts) this season!  You can win this Christmas Tidings Stamp, Ink Pad and Tags for FREE!! See below how you can enter to win!...more

Tis Not Yet The Season?

It is Monday, November 16th, and our neighbors two doors down have decked the halls. Well, honestly I don't know for sure if their halls have been decked, as I haven't been inside, but the outside of their house indubitably has been. As of this afternoon, more than a week before Thanksgiving, their eaves and their fences are lined with sparkly bluish-white LEDs. Not the most attractive of lights, in my opinion, as LEDs don't give off the warm glow of incandescents and tend to look a bit dreary and cold, but still much prettier than the rest of this dark and lifeless neighborhood....more
Houseful Of Nicholes, I hadn't even thought of that! Good point!more

V is for victory. And Vitamix.

Out of respect for people like my mom and Mr. T–folks who love Thanksgiving (mom) and/or want one holiday at a time thankyouverymuch (T)–I contain my Christmas crazy until Black Friday. Usually.Today, however, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas because I WON THE CHRISTMAS TREE WAGER....more

10 Tips For Finishing Your Christmas Shopping Early

Don’t hate me, but I am DONE with Christmas shopping. Okay, I need to confer with a SIL about a present for the young niece and nephew, but that is easy-peasy. ...more
RosemaryW I think Facebook Feed has been pretty valuable. I've seen what my nephew *liked* which ...more

TODAY'S TASK: Get Your Instagram Feed Holiday Ready

My goal for the 2015 holiday season is to make my Instagram a bit more "holiday-ready." Instead of snapping and posting, I want to slowly create a holiday presence on my feed, and make it feel just as cozy as my home. I want you to look at my feed and think "I definitely want to curl up by her fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket." ...more
MOAR KITTEHS! - Karenmore

Why I'm Against the War on Christmas*

I wouldn't say I'm a good or bad Catholic. I'm Catholic. Baptized into the Church before I was a month old. I've received almost all of the sacraments you can receive in life (missed out on the marriage one and didn't become a nun. Sorry God.) and for the most part believe in the basic tenets of Catholicism. (Along with being a Catholic, I identify as a liberal feminist so you can imagine where the Church and I don't see eye to eye.) ...more

It's Okay Not to Be Happy About the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

In my Facebook news feed today, I saw one friend’s Christmas tree -- and it’s early November -- and another friend’s pumpkin pie recipe. Holiday decorations are out in the stores, and friends are talking about ordering their organic, free-range turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. Other friends are sharing cute stories about their kids’ Christmas wish lists and discussing where to find the best Santa for the annual photo op. ...more
The Ritzy Glitzy My best to you, too... thanks for your kind words....more

Confessions and a Trip Back to 1995

I'm going to lay it all out on the line for you today. You are about to hear some crazy confessions.Confession #1My pumpkins are still on my front stoop. There are still ghosts dancing in my window. I'm still drinking pumpkin-flavored tea. That's not my confession. It's barely November and this is all excusable....more

Chewy Andes Mint Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are a delicious and easy recipe and perfect for your next holiday party! (Note: These were originally featured on Christen in the Kitchen) ...more

Gird Your Loins and Load Your GIFs, Because Here Comes Christmas Already

I'll be the first to admit that I am a lover of holidays. In all actuality, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the process of cooking and feeding the folks that I love. But there is just something about the spirit of Christmas that makes me grin from ear to ear and smile in anticipation of it. But I know I'm not everyone....more
Karen Ballum Bring on the glitter!more