Keep the Crap out of Christmas

Every Christmas, I spend way too much time and energy, and of course money, buying things my family doesn’t need.  My kids get spoiled with gifts from me and my husband, from Santa, from their grandparents, from aunts and uncles, and from each other.The net result: a lot of crap in my house that nobody plays with by the New Year.Holy crap....more

A clever and easy photo project with all kinds of possibilities

This summer, I was at Betsy & Iya, an adorable jewelry store in Northwest Portland. (They have unique and affordable modern pieces, some of which are made in the back, and a small but well curated selection of equally interesting bags, clothes, cards and anything else they fancy.) I stopped in to the bathroom and was completely enchanted by a photo display in there. Here’s a glimpse:...more

Practical Gifts on a Budget (that are still FUN!)

No surprise to me, when I brought up Christmas this year, my husband said, "Let's get the kids practical gifts". We're both practical people and for him especially, the clutter of tiny trinkets in our teeny-tiny house is well, terrible!...more

Christmas Tags {Washi Tape}

I started putting up one of my #christmas trees today. It is a feather tree that goes in the sitting room. I really like the country feel that it has. This is the first Christmas in many years that I did not have to rush to get the decorations up due to the demands of teaching first grade. I am excited to take my time and enjoy the process....more

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas To Give Kids At Christmas

Ready or not, Christmas is around the corner. For many, this brings excitement, but for others, it brings stress. ...more
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Christmas Cards on a Budget


Don't be a Scrooge

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Filigree Inspired Colorado Christmas Cake

I normally wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas decorating, however royal icing decorations may be stored in an airtight container indefinitely. I wanted to give you time to create your royal icing trees. The cake (I chose a … Enjoy the video: »...more

Christmas In My Heart

MrsTeeMrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter It was our very first year in Hawaii. I arrived that August and my Hubby had been working non-stop. Being a soldier wasn't easy and being a soldier's wife was a lot harder than I thought it would be....more

Jingle Bells

Today's prompt asks my favorite holiday, and it's so hard to choose just one. My family got together all the time when I was growing up. My Mama (Dad's side) often cooked Sunday lunch. We would congregate at her house after church for a wonderful lunch. I stayed with my Granny (Mom's side) every Friday night for years. I was blessed to have family around often....more