Christmas Tree Snack Cakes

Our trashy, cheesy Christmas

Philip had taken 291 pictures by the time we got home. He had only had the camera for an hour. It was one of his Christmas presents, the only one that he didn't try to throw away....more

Merry Christmas!


Restful Holidays To All The Tired Mothers Out There

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The Tradition of Not Celebrating Christmas

Seven years ago I’ve moved into a society where you either celebrate Christmas or you don’t. If you belong to the first group then it’s OK to wish you a Merry Christmas. If you don’t, and sometimes even if you do, they’ll opt for the safer all-inclusive Happy Holidays. And there you have it, plain and simple – two greetings for two groups....more

Not bigger or smaller, just different

Today's prompt asks if I am doing the holidays smaller or larger this year. This year, I'm doing the holidays smaller but larger at the same time. Let me explain.Since the Big D, I've gone back to Trinidad to celebrate Christmas with my brothers on the years I have Kidlet (we alternate Christmas and New Year's annually) and the years that I don't, I just bum around town being depressed. This year, I have Kidlet, but we stayed in town and so, in that respect, it's smaller - no 13 hours of flying or visiting many, many people....more

Dec 24 - 'Twas the Night Before...

"Spirit of Christmas" by: Thomas Kinkade...more

Christmas is for Imperfect

It's Christmas Eve and many of us are in a flurry of activity, trying to finish all of the last-minute things that need to be done to create that perfect Christmas morning.The tree is trimmed, cookies are baking, turkeys are thawing.  We're still wrapping those last few gifts.  The past weeks have been a blur of Christmas card writing and shopping.  It's a wonderful time of year, but stress levels are very high.  We tear out our hair when things go wrong...and they always do.  Gifts don't arrive on time.  Flights get postponed.  Family gets snowed in.  You run out of tape.  The turkey burns.  In my own home, the Christmas cards just got mailed yesterday.  We decorated the tree this morning.  There was a great deal of bickering between me and my husband.  And I just finished wrapping the last gift at 9:45 PM.  Hardly a perfect Normal Rockwell Christmas....more

Party Pooper

That’s me…We were invited out for Christmas eve. Jim and I both went. but he brought me home because I am beat.It’s really hard to throw yourself into a party and whoop it up, because of the month I just went through. People were drinking and singing along to You tube, but I was there in body but not in spirit.Jim went back after dropping me at home, and with my blessing, as he truly needs to unwind.Me? I’ll shower and go to be because that’s what works for me.Good night!...more

Nostalgia: The Christmas Mixing Bowl

If you were to sneak a peek into our kitchen cupboards you would find - amongst the utilitarian nesting stainless mixing bowls, the variously-sized modern black stoneware stove-to-table bowls, and the ornate glass serving bowls - a well-used, scratched and worn, slightly-yellowed white plastic bowl from days gone by. This plastic bowl was manufactured at some point in either the late 1960s or early 70s - long before any kind of knowledge of leaching chemical toxicity had seeped into the awareness of the general public, long before the need for dishwasher- or microwave-safety standards. ...more