Mothering Baby Jesus | New Video | Can you imagine mothering JESUS?

We all commiserate about how difficult motherhood is for us. But do you know who really had it hard? Mary. Yes, THAT Mary. Mary Mother of God Mary. ...more

When Sisters Say Screw Holidays and Vacation Instead

  Dear mama friends, How many times have you seriously entered a sweepstakes through your email for that 7 Night, 6 Day Cruise to Nowhere in hopes that you might win because the actual thought of purchasing a trip makes you sad. It makes you sad because prior to having children, you were a travelin' fool. You went everywhere, anytime and have some insanely crazy pictures to prove it. You saw the world- sometimes on a budget, sometimes in the lap of luxury and sometimes broke for months because it was totally worth flying to Vegas for the weekend with the girls. ...more

Because Nothing Says Romance Like A Bread Maker

The tree was dead. Completely dead. Brown, crispy, surrounded-by-a-circle-of-needles-half-naked dead. And under it was a bread maker, that he swears to this day had no ulterior motive....more

A Christmas Miracle

Last month the Lord impressed on my heart to do something special for a young lady named Kenya. She works for me and she’s became a special person in my life. ...more

An Atheist Christmas

Some of my friends may not be happy to hear this, but we've been keeping the Christ out of Christmas for years. If you weren't aware, both my husband and I are atheists. You might think celebrating Christmas is a bit of a quandary, but I've never struggled with it. Once we had children, it became more complicated but I wasn't willing to give up the magic of the season. Some of my best childhood memories are of evenings snuggled near the tree, munching cookies and warming our hands with hot chocolate....more

I Don't Want Anyone To Die For Me, I Just Want A Barbie

The moment my Dad lined the three of us up along the lip of our harvest gold and walnut couch, I knew it was a trap. I may have been seven years old, but I was savvy enough to see through “Do you know what Christmas is really about?”“Jesus!” I proudly parroted, certain I had just saved myself and siblings from the ensuing spiel. And then he turned to my six-year-old brother.“Do you know what Christmas is really about?”...more

5 Ways You Can Supercharge Look of Your Home This Christmas

If you are among those who love to decorate their homes around Christmas, then you have landed on the right page. The holiday season is one of the best times to shop around and give your house the boost that it needs.December is the best time to step out and do some shopping to give your house an uplift. And why not? It’s the holiday season and everything is available at discounted rates.To help you achieve this goal, given below are some tips:...more

DIY Christmas Kitchen Decor

Looking for easy DIY Christmas kitchen decor?My kitchen is outdated and very much in need of a face lift – kind of like me!  But each year I look for ways to make the space more festive and cheery.This year, it’s small wreaths hung over the cabinets.  I saw the idea somewhere (probably Pinterest) and set out to make my own....more