15 Christmas Color Schemes Beyond the Traditional

Christmas is jolly, magical and beautiful and so are the Christmas colors. Traditionally, the Christmas color palette features the colors of Nature dominant in winter, green, red and white, displayed in infinite combinations. Yet, why not try some non-traditional Christmas color combos this year?!...more

Peppermint Chocolate Wafers

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesWell, hello. Still here, hmmm? Is that because I've failed to offer you something truly wow-worthy. I hope not. I hope it's because you just can't get enough. Nutmeg and chocolate, sugar and coffee, cardamom and cocoa. Is it possible to overdose on cookies? Not likely. But if you're still looking for that cookie that will really class things up, you'll be pleased with today's offering....more

Amish Underpants and All

“Are you at the good Denny’s?”Three motels, one with its hourly rate proudly posted, and the adult bookstore directly across the street made it clear I was not....more

3 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Babies.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift and expert advice, reviews or recommendations?  Take a look at these lovely ideas! ...more

My Evolving Idea of Holidays After Divorce

My Evolving Idea of Holidays After Divorce (first appeared at Far From Flawless ) ...more

Sugar Plum Fairy Holiday Cookies

The annual gift buying extravaganza

My son struggled with his Christmas wish list to Santa this year. My husband had a theory that this was because our son has too much stuff and didn't know what to ask for. While I do not disagree with the viewpoint that our son has too much stuff, I think there was another reason that he struggled with the list:...more

24 Acts of Kindness This Holiday Season

 "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."-Aesop I'm grateful for heat.Yes, I love the blazing sun of summer, but right now, I'm most thankful for central heat.You see, our furnace bid us adieu on Sunday. After 15 years of pumping out heat in the Chicago winters, it had had enough. The pipes were corroded, leaking, and in the words of our heating and cooling guy, "if there's not already carbon monoxide present, there will be soon."...more

a very, merry, sticky christmas

Every Christmas I run into the same exact problems. Do I make my own gift tags or buy the cute ones at Target? Do I buy the cute tags or buy the almost-as-cute $1 ones at Target? Do I pay extra and get our return address printed on our Christmas card envelopes? Do I pay to buy an oh-so-trendy handmade stamp for our Christmas card envelopes? Do I send Christmas cards this year? ^^^HA, big fat JK on that one. Of course we have to send Christmas cards this year and every year. Wink. ...more

Eggnog Sugar Stars

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie SeriesIt's the third day of Christmas already. Crap. I know this because I've begun to frantically calculate how much time I have before mailing packages to be received by the holidays will become an impossibility. It's this strange equation I end up doing every year. How long the line will be at the post office divided by how long I can wait and still squeeze in under the deadline? And how reluctant I am to change out of my pajamas on any given day. Anyhoo....more