Elegant Christmas Decor- Easy DIY

These Christmas Crafts are so easy to make, and you’ll have a lot of the materials, already.  They’re so elegant and pretty.  Your guests will love them!I hope you find some you want to make! ...more

scenes around the Christmas home

Iiiiiiiiit's that time of year!Sing it with me...When the blogs look the sameEvery post you see seems to be titled...Holiday Home Tour. Pause the song here so you can relish in the fact that I am al...more

DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas is only 10 days away! I really can’t believe it!So I made this D.I.Y. Christmas countdown calendar last year and I am finally sharing it with you all today. To be honest, I haven’t even hung it up yet this year. Seems I had a lot more time on my hands last year…...more

Moving Beyond The Gifts We Didn't Get

As I fidgeted in a church pew that Christmas morning of 1978, squished between siblings, feeling hot and itchy in white tights sticking to my skinny little thighs, I’ll confess, I wasn’t exactly thinking about baby Jesus.I was thinking about Merlin.Merlin, “The Electronic Wizard.” Gen-Xers remember?...more

9 Ways to Use Christmas to Fill Your Blog

Christmas shopping, cleaning, Twitter, cookie baking, pie crust rolling, Facebook, wrapping, teacher gifts, Instagram, decorating, errands, Pinterest. How do bloggers keep from losing their minds while keeping their blog alive during the busy month of December? With some tips to embrace the rich content opportunity that the holiday season brings and by learning to let the season work for you. Here are 9 quick ways to use Christmas to fill your blog. ...more
Arnebya  We do this about so many things, A. Let's embrace the lifestyle of just letting our ...more

A Jalapeno Pepper Suncatcher

  I was going to call this a jalapeno pepper suncatcher rista but thought: why such a complicated name for such a simple project?   This is very easy and inexpensive to make and I think it’s darn right pretty.  It would be a very fitting homemade gift for that person in your life who likes it on the hot and spicy side.  I’m talking about food of course!...more

How to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

I love Christmas as much as the next person, but that doesn’t make me immune to the holiday stress we all feel this time of year. Christmas is amazing and fun, but it’s also expensive and stressful and time-consuming. Am I right? This year I’m trying to battle that stress by entering the holidays in the right frame of mind. I’m sharing some tips today so you can do the same and reduce stress during the holidays....more

Let's Call a Truce on Christmas

I wrote this over a year ago, but it still seems relevant.Time to choose sides again, folks. There's a war on Christmas, says Bill O'Reilly. No there isn't, says Jon Stewart. Christians are being persecuted. Christians are the ones persecuting. "Merry Christmas" is forbidden. "Merry Christmas" is mandatory. The Constitution forbids manger scenes. The First Amendment protects manger scenes....more

Hopes for a "Perfect" Holiday Season

The REAL ChristmasBy Stacy BartholomewEdited by Le Anne LindsayJoy, excitement,family, friends, lights, stress, harried, expense, cold, expectations, loneliness, disappointment. There is a lot of variety in those words isn't there? Think with me for just a minute. What are your hopes for a perfect holiday season?...more