Ten surefire gifts for any mom on your list this Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving week has finally arrived.  I don’t know how that happened, it was summer about a week ago, but suddenly the leaves are all falling from the trees and I am staring down the barrel of making dinner for 20 on Thursday.Between mouthfuls of what will hopefully be the most delicious bird anyone in my family has ever eaten, we will inevitably discuss Christmas and what is at the top of everyone’s wish list this year....more

Make the right fashion choices for the holiday season!

It is beginning to look a lot like christmas.... every store you go. It is very American to dress up according to the season. Or maybe a Anglo-Saxon custom, because we all remember Mr....more

Spreadsheets & Santa: 3 Ways to Get Through Your Office Holiday Party

It’s coming. The changing weather, the winter tires, the bulky sweaters – all sinister precursors to the true horrors of Secret Santas and office holiday parties where the underlying goal is to make everything as Christmasy as possible without using the word Christmas. We’re talking evergreen trees and poinsettias, mistletoe and candy canes. Becky the receptionist is going to circulate flyers for an ugly Christmas sweater day and Jerry from IT is going to strap a pillow around his stomach and play Santa while adults in the room giggle with glee....more

How to prepare for the upcoming holiday season ahead

Holiday season is knocking and we know it’s that amazing time of the year of setting the revelers, soaking up the festive spirits and rejoicing in the celebrations. People from across the globe await with much anticipation, gusto and superseding enthusiasm to take delight in the most wonderful time of the year involving Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations....more

Christmas 2015

 Now, that the holidays are over and everyone is settling back into reality I finally got to upload our wonderful holiday pictures....more

Our Christmas Story: Part II

Let's pick up where we left off in the first part of our Christmas Story.The Saturday after ChristmasSaturday the 26th was a day of catching up on all things Maryland and D.C. The post-Christmas blues didn't really set in because we had Adam's Christmas present (the hockey game) that night, so it felt like we were still celebrating....more

Seasonal Decor: Feather Trees

Happy first day of winter! Can you believe it's three days until Christmas? It came so fast this year, and the fact that it has been so warm around here doesn't help either. It's going to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow, and the extended forecast looks pretty mild. Thanks again, El Nino!Well, I am thankful to still be exercising outside and not stuck on the "dreadmill" because of the frigid weather. It does make the dark days a little easier I guess! I have had plenty to do inside the house, I put up three Christmas trees this year!...more

A Toast Before We Go Into Battle: True Love . . . In Whatever Shape Or Form It May Come. May We All In Our Dotage Be Proud To Sa

It's Christmas Eve....more
First of all... 17 pounds???  I gain that much over Christmas.  :p And, sweet blog.  Not ...more

Best Christmas Songs

“Jingle bells, jingle bells”, Christmas is just around the corner. This time of the year, songs are being played and listened to everywhere: from cafés to airports, from offices to homes. Music is sound and sound caresses the soul, but there is something magical about Christmas songs. So what better way to get in the holidays mood than to compile a playlist of the best Christmas songs ever? ...more
Nat King Cole singing 'The Christmas Song'more